Man pages for TCIApathfinder
Client for the Cancer Imaging Archive REST API

get_body_part_namesGet body part names
get_collection_namesGet the names of all TCIA collections
get_manufacturer_namesGet manufacturer names
get_modality_namesGet modality names
get_new_patients_in_collectionGet IDs of patients that have been added to a collection...
get_new_studies_in_collectionGet studies that have been added to a collection and...
get_patient_infoGet patient information
get_patients_by_modalityGet patient IDs given a collection name and modality
get_patient_studiesGet patient study information
get_series_infoGet image series information
get_series_sizeGet size of image series
get_sop_instance_uidsGet SOP instance UIDs (individual DICOM image IDs) for an...
get_studies_in_collectionGet studies in a collection and optionally for a specific...
save_extracted_image_seriesSave a series of DICOM image files to a directory
save_image_seriesSave a series of DICOM image files as a zip file
save_single_imageSave a single DICOM image file
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