TSdbi-package: Time Series Data Base Interface

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TSdbi provides an common interface to time series databases. Several of these are databases available over the Internet. Others are packages that use the DBI package interface to SQL databases. For these a table structure is specified. TSdbi can also be used as an interface to Fame databases through TSfame.


Package: TSdbi
Depends: R (>= 2.5.0), methods, tframe (>= 2008.5-1)
Imports: methods, DBI
Suggests: zoo, tseries
License: GPL Version 2.
URL: http://tsdbi.r-forge.r-project.org

The main functions are:

TSconnect       Connect to a database.
TSget       	Extract a series from a database.
TSput       	Write a series to the database.
TSdates      	Check the availability of a series.
TSdescription	Extract the long description of a series.
TSdoc	 	Extract the documentation for a series.

Use of this package requires one of the interface packages (e. g. TSSQLite, TSMySQL, TSPostgreSQL) An overview of how to use the package is available in the vignettes of the package TSdata. Using TSdbi is very similar for the different database interfaces, but building vignettes requires working code so the vignettes are included in the various interface packages. For the same reason, most examples and demos must be included in the interface packages. Consult the documentation for the methods in a particular interface package for most examples.

Options can be set to simplify access to a commonly used database (see TSput).


Paul Gilbert <pgilbert.ttv9z@ncf.ca> Maintainer: Paul Gilbert <pgilbert.ttv9z@ncf.ca>

See Also

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