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Time Series Representations

clippingCreates bit-level (clipped representation) from a vector
coef_compFunctions for linear regression model coefficients extraction
denorm_min_maxMin-Max denormalisation
denorm_zZ-score denormalisation
elec_load2 weeks of electricity load data from 50 consumers.
fast_statFast statistic functions (helpers)
norm_min_maxMin-Max normalisation
norm_min_max_listMin-Max normalization list
norm_zZ-score normalisation
norm_z_listZ-score normalization list
repr_dctDCT representation
repr_dftDFT representation by FFT
repr_dwtDWT representation
repr_expExponential smoothing seasonal coefficients as representation
repr_feaclipFeaClip representation of time series
repr_feacliptrendFeaClipTrend representation of time series
repr_featrendFeaTrend representation of time series
repr_gamGAM regression coefficients as representation
repr_lmRegression coefficients from linear model as representation
repr_matrixComputation of matrix of representations from matrix of time...
repr_paaPAA - Piecewise Aggregate Approximation
repr_pipPIP representation
repr_plaPLA representation
repr_saxSAX - Symbolic Aggregate Approximation
repr_seas_profileMean seasonal profile of time series
repr_smaSimple Moving Average representation
repr_windowingWindowing of time series
rleCRLE (Run Length Encoding) written in C++
trendingCreates bit-level (trending) representation from a vector
TSreprTSrepr package
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