Man pages for TargomoR
Interface to the 'Targomo' API

addTimeLegendAdd Time Legend to Map
attributionAdd Targomo Attributions
callTargomoAPICall the Targomo API
capabilitiesGet Account Capabilities
createRequestBodyCreate Request Body
createRequestURLCreate Request URL
createRoutePopupCreate Route Popups
createTimePaletteCreate a Colour Palette for Time Service Results
deriveOptionsDerive Options
deriveSourcesDerive Sources/Targets
draw-routesDraw Routes
formattingFormat Edgeweights (times and distances)
getTargomoMapURLTargomo Map Tiles URL
getTargomoPolygonsAdd Targomo Polygons to a Leaflet Map
messageMultipleTravelModesMessage if multiple Travel Modes supplied
optionsSet Targomo Options
pipePipe operator
polygonDrawOptionsOptions for Drawing Polygons on the Map
processProcess API responses
processCapabilitiesProcess Capabilities
routeDrawOptionsOptions for Drawing Routes on the Map
routesAdd Targomo Routes to a Leaflet Map
setTargomoVariablesSet Targomo Environment Variables
targomoAPITargomo API base URL
tidy-capabilitiesHelper functions for tidying up capabilities response
tilesAdd Targomo Basemaps to a Leaflet Map
timeDrawOptionsOptions for Drawing Times on the Map
timeLegendOptionsTime Legend Options
timesAdd Targomo Times to a Leaflet Map
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