Man pages for TauP.R
Earthquake Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Earth Models

ak135ak135 Earth Model
AnalyzeLVZAnalyze Low Velocity Zones
CalcTPCalculate Layer Traveltime
CalcTPsumCalculate Traveltime along Ray Leg
CalcXPCalculate Horizontal Travel
CalcXPsumHorizontal Distance along Ray Leg
ConvAng2pAngle to Ray Parameter
ConvP2VdepthinvVertex Depth and Ray Parameter
ConvVdepth2pVertex Depth to Ray Parameter
DistSummaryArrival Summary
EarthplotPlanet Cross-section
EmptyModelEmpty Planet Model
FindDisconIdentify Discontinuities
FindDist4pEpicentral Distance
FindP4DistRay Parameter for Epicentral Distance
FindPrangeRay Parameter Range for Phase
FindRootsFind Roots of X(a) Error Function
FindTime4pTravel time for Ray Parameter
GreatDistDistance Along Great Circle Arc
HonePHone Ray Parameter
iasp91IASP91 Earth Model
ImproveModelImprove Planet Model
InterpModelLinear Interpolation of Planet Model
LinInterpLinear Interpolation
LVZSmpIdentify LVZs
MakePscanFind Distance of p Function
meshgridCreate a mesh grid like in Matlab
modelak135 Earth Model
OptimizeDistFind Extrema in D(a)
polaraxisPolar Plot Axis
PolarPlotPolar Plot
RayfanRay Fan
ReadNDRead Model File
SlopeIntFind Slope and Intercept
StripRepetitionsRemove Repetitions from Phase
TauP.R-packageEarthquake Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Earth Models
TransformF2SzFlat Earth Transformation
TraveltimeEarthquake traveltimes
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