Man pages for TeXCheckR
Parses LaTeX Documents for Errors

any_bib_duplicatesAre any bib entries duplicated?
argument_parsingReplace nth arguments
bib_parserFunctions for parsing .bib files
braces_closes_atBrace closes at
check_biberCheck biber
check_consecutive_wordsCheck consecutive typeset words
check_dashesCheck dashes entered as hyphens
check_escapesCheck escapes
check_footnote_typographyCheck footnote typography
check_labelsCheck labels
check_literal_citationsCheck that citations are all using cites
check_literal_xrefsCheck for hard-coded cross-references
check_quote_marksCheck quote marks in TeX
check_spellingSpell checking
check_xrefsCheck cross-references
commands_usedList all unique commands in a document
correctly_spelled_wordsList of correctly spelled words
CORRECTLY_SPELLED_WORDS_CASE_SENSITIVEList of correctly spelled, case-sensitive words
extract_LaTeX_argumentExtract LaTeX command argument
extract_mandatory_LaTeX_argumentExtract mandatory argument II
extract_optional_LaTeX_argumentExtract optional argument
extract_validate_abbreviationsExtract valid abbreviations and initialisms
figs_tbls_unrefdReturn unreferenced figures or tables in document
inputs_ofInputs to files nested within LaTeX document
isR_line_in_knitrIs a line in knitr R or not?
lint_bibTidy bibliography so equals signs align
locate_mandatory_LaTeX_argumentLocate contents of LaTeX commands
minimal_bibGenerate a minimal bibliography file
parse_texParse LaTeX lines
position_of_stringPosition of strings
read_tex_documentRead a LaTeX document
report_errorReport errors to console
rm_editorial_square_bracketsRemove editorial square brackets
separate_sentencesPut sentences on their own line
split_reportSplit report into include-able files
strip_commentsStrip comments from LaTeX lines
tex_group_by_charTeX group by character position
validate_bibliographyValidate bibliography according to Grattan style
valid_English_contractionsValid English contractions
veto_sicVeto sic
weld_bmillionUnbreaking spaces between billion and million
wrongly_spelled_wordsList of wrongly spelled words
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