Man pages for TeachBayes
Teaching Bayesian Inference

bar_plotBar plot of numeric or character data
bayesian_crankComputes Posterior Probabilities for Discrete Models
beta_areaDisplays Areas Under a Beta Curve
beta_dataSimulate random data from a beta curve
beta_drawDraw a Beta Curve
beta_intervalProbability Interval for a Beta Curve
beta_prior_postPlot of Two Beta Curves
beta_quantileDisplays a Quantile of a Beta Curve
ChooseBetaShiny App to Choose a Beta Curve
draw_two_pPlot of Distribution of Two Proportions
dsamplingHypergeometric sampling density
dspinnerComputes likelihoods for spinner outcomes
many_normal_plotsGraph of several normal curves
many_spinner_plotsGraphs a collection of spinners
normal_areaDisplays Area Under a Normal Curve
normal_drawDraws a Normal Curve
normal_intervalProbability Interval for a Normal Curve
normal_quantileDisplays a Quantile of a Normal Curve
normal_updateUpdates a Normal Prior with Normal Data
prior_post_plotGraphs prior and posterior probabilities
prob_plotConstructs a graph of a probability distribution
spinner_dataSimulate random data from a spinner
spinner_likelihoodsComputes likelihood matrix for many spinners
spinner_plotConstructs a spinner
spinner_probsDisplay probability distribution for a spinner
testing_priorTesting prior for two proportions
two_p_summarizeSummaries of a probability matrix
two_p_updatePosterior updating of two proportions
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