FindMatchingRow: FindMatchingRow

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It outputs a logical vector identifying which rows in DF have the same values as the values on rowtoMatch. It ignores all columns that are not found on rowtoMatch when doing the matching.


FindMatchingRow(rowtoMatch, DF)



One row of a data frame. If the length is longer, it won't output it.


Dataframe in which we want to find the matches.

It doesn't search that both the row of Df and rowtoMatch matches exactly, it only checks whether the columns that are found on rowtoMatch are found on DF with the same values (It decides which columns are "the same column" by looking at the names of the columns).

It will throw an error if the names of the columns on rowtoMatch are not all found on DF.


Note: It matches using the name of columns from rowtoMatch, matching them to the names of the DF.

It will output logical(0) if the rowtoMatch is null, or if is a data frame with 0 rows.


Logical vector, with the same length as the number of rows in DF. It outputs TRUE if that row matched the rowtoMatch, FALSE otherwise

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