Man pages for TexMix
Supporting Functions and Data for Geo-Spatial Analytics Courses at UTDallas, Texas

blockGroupShpPolygon layer of Dallas County, TX, census block groups
bndShpBoundary of Dallas County, TX
foodDesertShpBoundaries of three Neighorhoods in the City of Dallas, TX
foodStoresShpPoint layer of Stores selling Food in Dallas County, TX
hwyShpMajor Highways in Dallas County, TX
lakesShpLakes in Dallas County, TX
lmHeteroFunction: Multiplicately weighted regression model
mapBiPolarFunction: Map a bipolar theme broken around a neutral value
mapColorQualFunction: Maps a qualitative theme for a maximum of 12...
mapColorRampFunction: Maps a sequential color theme
plotBoxesByFactorLayout of box-plots: variables by factor
summary.lmHeteroFunction: Summerize lmHetero model estimates
tractShpPolygon layer of Dallas County, TX, census tracts
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