Thermimage: Thermal Image Analysis

A collection of functions and routines for inputting thermal image video files, plotting and converting binary raw data into estimates of temperature. First published 2015-03-26. Written primarily for research purposes in biological applications of thermal images. v1 included the base calculations for converting thermal image binary values to temperatures. v2 included additional equations for providing heat transfer calculations and an import function for thermal image files (v2.2.3 fixed error importing jpg to windows OS).

AuthorGlenn J. Tattersall
Date of publication2016-10-20 22:03:50
MaintainerGlenn J. Tattersall <>

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Man pages

airdensity: Returns the density of air for a given air temperature.

airspecificheat: Specific heat capacity of air

airtconductivity: Thermal conductivity of air.

airviscosity: Returns air viscovisty for a given air temperature.

areacone: Provides the surface are of a cone

areacylinder: Provides the surface area of a cylinder.

areasphere: Provides the surface area of a sphere.

flip.matrix: Flips a matrix 'left-right'. Used in re-arranging image data...

flirpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

flirsettings: Extracts meta tag information from a FLIR JPG image

forcedparameters: Parameters required for forced convection equation.

freeparameters: Parameters required for free convection equation.

glowbowpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

Grashof: Determines the Grashof number for an object

grey10pal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

grey120pal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

greyredpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

hconv: Convective heat coefficient (W/m2/oC)

hotironpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

ironbowpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

Ld: Estimates downward facing longwave radiation (W/m2)

locate.fid: Returns the index locations that match vector fid within data...

Lu: Estimates upward facing ground radiation (W/m2)

Lw: Estimates downward facing longwave radiation (W/m2)

meanEveryN: Calculate the mean every nth data point.

medicalpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

midgreenpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

midgreypal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

mikronprismpal: Colour palette extracted from Mikron thermal camera files

mikroscanpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

mirror.matrix: Mirrors a matrix upside-down. Used in re-arranging image...

Nusseltforced: Nusselt number for forced convection.

Nusseltfree: Nusselt number for free convection.

palette.choose: Choose a colour palette for gradient filling thermal image...

Prandtl: Returns the Prandtl number

qabs: Estimates the absorbed solar and infrared radiation (W/m2)

qcond: Estimates the area specific heat transfer by conduction...

qconv: Estimates the area specific heat transfer by convection...

qrad: Estimates the area specific heat transfer by radiation (W/m2)

rainbowpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

raw2temp: Converts raw thermal data into temperature (oC)

readflirJPG: Reads an image from a FLIR JPG file into an integer array.

Reynolds: Calculates the Reynolds number.

rotate180.matrix: Rotate a matrix by 180 degrees. Used for adjusting image...

rotate270.matrix: Rotate a matrix by 270 degrees counterclockwise (or 90 degree...

rotate90.matrix: Rotate a matrix by 90 degrees counterclockwise (270 degrees...

samp.image: A sample thermal image to demonstrate thermal colour palette...

slopebypoint: Returns the slope from linear regression with x values as...

slopeEveryN: Calculate the slope every nth data point.

StephBoltz: The Stephan Boltzman constant.

Te: Operative temperature estimate.

temp2raw: Converts temperature (oC) to raw thermal data

Teq: Estimates equivalent temperature.

Tground: Estimates ground temperature from ambient temperature and...

Thermimage-package: Handles thermal image data input and conversion to...

yellowpal: Colour palette extracted from FLIR thermal camera files

Files in this package

Thermimage/R/Te.R Thermimage/R/areacylinder.R Thermimage/R/rotate90.matrix.R Thermimage/R/Thermimage.R Thermimage/R/flirsettings.R Thermimage/R/rotate270.matrix.R Thermimage/R/Tground.R Thermimage/R/airviscosity.R Thermimage/R/Nusseltfree.R Thermimage/R/Grashof.R Thermimage/R/temp2raw.R Thermimage/R/rotate180.matrix.R Thermimage/R/Lu.R Thermimage/R/Ld.R Thermimage/R/slopeEveryN.R Thermimage/R/meanEveryN.R
Thermimage/R/Reynolds.R Thermimage/R/locate.fid.R Thermimage/R/Prandtl.R Thermimage/R/areacone.R Thermimage/R/hconv.R Thermimage/R/areasphere.R Thermimage/R/qrad.R Thermimage/R/StephBoltz.R Thermimage/R/Nusseltforced.R Thermimage/R/slopebypoint.R Thermimage/R/freeparameters.R Thermimage/R/airdensity.R Thermimage/R/readflirJPG.R Thermimage/R/palette.choose.R Thermimage/R/airspecificheat.R Thermimage/R/forcedparameters.R Thermimage/R/airtconductivity.R Thermimage/R/flip.matrix.R Thermimage/R/qabs.R Thermimage/R/Teq.R Thermimage/R/raw2temp.R Thermimage/R/mirror.matrix.R Thermimage/R/Lw.R Thermimage/R/qcond.R Thermimage/R/qconv.R
Thermimage/man/freeparameters.Rd Thermimage/man/qconv.Rd Thermimage/man/airviscosity.Rd Thermimage/man/Tground.Rd Thermimage/man/airspecificheat.Rd Thermimage/man/areacylinder.Rd Thermimage/man/grey10pal.Rd Thermimage/man/Reynolds.Rd Thermimage/man/temp2raw.Rd Thermimage/man/yellowpal.Rd Thermimage/man/slopebypoint.Rd Thermimage/man/forcedparameters.Rd Thermimage/man/Prandtl.Rd Thermimage/man/samp.image.Rd Thermimage/man/grey120pal.Rd Thermimage/man/readflirJPG.Rd Thermimage/man/Te.Rd Thermimage/man/rotate180.matrix.Rd Thermimage/man/Lw.Rd Thermimage/man/flip.matrix.Rd Thermimage/man/hconv.Rd Thermimage/man/Teq.Rd Thermimage/man/mikronprismpal.Rd Thermimage/man/mirror.matrix.Rd Thermimage/man/StephBoltz.Rd Thermimage/man/rotate90.matrix.Rd Thermimage/man/Nusseltforced.Rd Thermimage/man/midgreypal.Rd Thermimage/man/ironbowpal.Rd Thermimage/man/Thermimage-package.Rd Thermimage/man/hotironpal.Rd Thermimage/man/Ld.Rd Thermimage/man/medicalpal.Rd Thermimage/man/palette.choose.Rd Thermimage/man/flirpal.Rd Thermimage/man/airdensity.Rd Thermimage/man/qcond.Rd Thermimage/man/Lu.Rd Thermimage/man/areacone.Rd Thermimage/man/glowbowpal.Rd Thermimage/man/flirsettings.Rd Thermimage/man/slopeEveryN.Rd Thermimage/man/greyredpal.Rd Thermimage/man/areasphere.Rd Thermimage/man/midgreenpal.Rd Thermimage/man/meanEveryN.Rd Thermimage/man/Grashof.Rd Thermimage/man/Nusseltfree.Rd Thermimage/man/airtconductivity.Rd Thermimage/man/rainbowpal.Rd Thermimage/man/qrad.Rd Thermimage/man/rotate270.matrix.Rd Thermimage/man/qabs.Rd Thermimage/man/mikroscanpal.Rd Thermimage/man/raw2temp.Rd Thermimage/man/locate.fid.Rd

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