This is Thinknum's R Package

License: GPL-2

For more information please contact [email protected]


git clone git://
R CMD build R-package/

This will create a file named "Thinknum_1.0.tar.gz". The current version of Thinknum on github is "1.0"

Then move the file into your working directory in R and type:

> install.packages("Thinknum_1.0.tar.gz",repos=NULL,type="source")
> library(Thinknum)

A simpler solution is to use the 'devtools' package.

> install.packages("devtools")
> library(devtools)
> install_github('R-package','thinknum')


To install the most recent package from CRAN type:

> install.packages("Thinknum")
> library(Thinknum)

Note that the version on CRAN might not reflect the most recent changes made to this package.


Once you find the expression associated with the data you'd like to load into R on ThinkNum, copy the ThinkNum expression and past it into the function.

> data <- Thinknum("total_revenue(goog)")


Plot the quarterly revenue of Google plot(stl(Thinknum("total_revenue(goog)")[,1],s.window="per"))

Additional Resources

More help can be found at Thinknum in our API help pages.

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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