AD: Alzheimer's disease data

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This dataset, obtained by Konstantina Skaltsa from Kapaki et al. 2003, contains measurements from the tau protein located in the cerebrospinal fluid (Tau variable) of 49 control subjects (Status==0) and 49 patients with Alzheimer's disease (Status==1). A column indicating the identifier of the subject is also included (id variable).




Kapaki E, Paraskevas G, Zalonis I, Zournas C. (2003). CSF Tau Protein and beta-amyloid (1-42) in Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis: Discrimination from Normal Ageing and the Other Dementias in the Greek Population. European Journal of Neurology, 10, 119-128.

Skaltsa K, Jover L, Carrasco JL. (2010). Estimation of the diagnostic threshold accounting for decision costs and sampling uncertainty. Biometrical Journal 52(5):676-697.

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