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Trades, Curves, Rating Tables, Add-on Tables, CSAs

Bond-classBond Class
BondFuture-classBond Future Class
CDOTranche-classCDO tranche Class
Collateral-classCollateral Class
Commodity-classCommodity Class
CommodityForward-classCommodity Forward Class
CommSwap-classCommodity Swap Class
CreditIndex-classCredit Index Class
CreditSingle-classCredit Single Class
CSA-classCSA Class
Curve-classCurve Class
Equity-classEquity Class
EquityIndexFuture-classEquity Index Future Class
EquityOptionEquity Option Class
FXSwap-classFX Swap Class
GetTradeDetailsReturns a list with the populated fields of a Trade Object
HashTable-classHashtable Class
IRDFutureIRD Future Class
IRDSwap-classIRD Swap Class
IRDSwaption-classIRD Swaption Class
IRDSwapVol-classIRD Swap Volatility Class
ParseTradesParse trades through a .csv file.
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