TriMatch: Propensity Score Matching of Non-Binary Treatments

Propensity score matching for non-binary treatments.

AuthorJason Bryer <>
Date of publication2016-02-26 05:49:21
MaintainerJason Bryer <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages Convert a list of vectors to a data frame.

balance.plot: Balance plot for the given covariate.

boxdiff.plot: Returns a 'ggplot2' box plot of the differences.

covariateBalance: Calculate covariate effect size differences before and after...

distance.euclid: Euclidean distance calculation.

distances.plot: Barplot for the sum of distances.

loess3.plot: Loess plot for matched triplets.

maximumTreat: This method will return at least one treatment from groups...

merge.triangle.matches: Merges outcomes with the matched set.

merge.triangle.psa: Merges covariate(s) with the results of 'trips'.

multibalance.plot: Multiple covariate blance assessment plot.

nmes: Results from the 1987 National Medical Expenditure Study

OneToN: This method will use a M1-to-M2-to-1 matching.

parallel.plot: Parallel coordinate plot for the three groups and dependent...

perpPt: Internal method for plotting. Finds a point d distance from...

plot.balance.plots: Prints a grid of balance plots.

plot.triangle.matches: Triangle plot drawing matched triplets.

plot.triangle.psa: Triangle plot.

print.balance.plots: Print the results of 'balance.plot' for a data frame of...

print.triangle.plot: Print method for 'plot.triangle.psa'. The primary purpose is...

print.trimatch.summary: Prints the results of 'summary.triangle.matches'.

segment1: Internal method for plotting. Position along the left side...

segment2: Internal method for plotting. Position along the right side...

star: Returns significance level.

summary.balance.plots: Prints a summary table of the test statistics of each balance...

summary.triangle.matches: Provides a summary of the matched triplets including analysis...

summary.triangle.psa: Prints the summary results of the logistic regression models.

summary.unmatched: Provides a summary of unmatched subjects.

trimatch: Creates matched triplets.

trimatch.apply2: Recursive function to find possible matched triplets using...

TriMatch-package: Propensity Score Analysis for Non-Binary Treatments

trips: Estimates propensity scores for three groups

tutoring: Results from a study examining the effects of tutoring...

unmatched: Returns rows from 'trips' that were not matched by...

Functions Man page
balance.plot Man page
boxdiff.plot Man page
covariateBalance Man page
distance.euclid Man page
distances.plot Man page
loess3.plot Man page
maximumTreat Man page
merge.triangle.matches Man page
merge.triangle.psa Man page
multibalance.plot Man page
nmes Man page
OneToN Man page
parallel.plot Man page
perpPt Man page
plot.balance.plots Man page
plot.triangle.matches Man page
plot.triangle.psa Man page
print.balance.plots Man page
print.triangle.plot Man page
print.trimatch.summary Man page
segment1 Man page
segment2 Man page
star Man page
summary.balance.plots Man page
summary.triangle.matches Man page
summary.triangle.psa Man page
summary.unmatched Man page
trimatch Man page
TriMatch Man page
trimatch.apply2 Man page
TriMatch-package Man page
trips Man page
tutoring Man page
unmatched Man page


TriMatch/R/summary.triangle.matches.R TriMatch/R/summary.triangle.psa.R TriMatch/R/merge.triangle.matches.R TriMatch/R/plot.boxdiff.R TriMatch/R/covariateBalance.R TriMatch/R/star.R TriMatch/R/plot.balance.R TriMatch/R/TriMatch-package.R TriMatch/R/merge.triangle.psa.R TriMatch/R/trimatch.apply2.R TriMatch/R/plot.loess.R TriMatch/R/plot.utils.R TriMatch/R/triangle.match.R TriMatch/R/plot.multibalance.R TriMatch/R/triangle.psa.R TriMatch/R/plot.distances.R TriMatch/R/plot.triangle.psa.R TriMatch/R/ TriMatch/R/plot.parallel.R TriMatch/R/plot.triangle.matches.R TriMatch/R/unmatched.R
TriMatch/man/loess3.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/unmatched.Rd TriMatch/man/merge.triangle.matches.Rd TriMatch/man/multibalance.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/boxdiff.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/balance.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/plot.triangle.matches.Rd TriMatch/man/summary.unmatched.Rd TriMatch/man/plot.balance.plots.Rd TriMatch/man/parallel.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/trips.Rd TriMatch/man/summary.balance.plots.Rd TriMatch/man/trimatch.apply2.Rd TriMatch/man/segment2.Rd TriMatch/man/ TriMatch/man/summary.triangle.matches.Rd TriMatch/man/OneToN.Rd TriMatch/man/trimatch.Rd TriMatch/man/print.balance.plots.Rd TriMatch/man/maximumTreat.Rd TriMatch/man/print.triangle.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/plot.triangle.psa.Rd TriMatch/man/distances.plot.Rd TriMatch/man/tutoring.Rd TriMatch/man/TriMatch-package.Rd TriMatch/man/star.Rd TriMatch/man/distance.euclid.Rd TriMatch/man/segment1.Rd TriMatch/man/nmes.Rd TriMatch/man/merge.triangle.psa.Rd TriMatch/man/print.trimatch.summary.Rd TriMatch/man/covariateBalance.Rd TriMatch/man/perpPt.Rd TriMatch/man/summary.triangle.psa.Rd

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