Man pages for TukeyC
Conventional Tukey Test

boxplot.TukeyCBoxplot TukeyC Objects
CRD1Completely Randomized Design (CRD)
CRD2Completely Randomized Design ('CRD')
cvCoefficient of the experiment variation
FEFactorial Experiment (FE)
LSLatin Squares Design (LSD)
make.TukeyC.groupsMake Tukey Groups
make.TukeyC.testMake Tukey Test
plot.TukeyCPlot TukeyC and TukeyC.nest Objects
print.TukeyCPrint Method for 'TukeyC' objects.
RCBDRandomized Complete Block Design (RCBD)
sorghumCompletely Randomized Design (CRD)
SPESplit-plot Experiment (SPE)
SPETSplit-plot Experiment in Time (SPET)
SSPESplit-split-plot Experiment (SSPE)
summarySummary Method for TukeyC and TukeyC.nest Objects
TukeyCThe TukeyC Test for Single Experiments
TukeyC-internalInternal TukeyC functions
TukeyC-packageConventional Tukey Test
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