Man pages for TunePareto
Multi-Objective Parameter Tuning for Classifiers

allCombinationsBuild a list of all possible combinations of parameter values
as.intervalSpecify a continous interval
createObjectiveCreate a new objective function
generateCVRunsGenerate cross-validation partitions
mergeTuneParetoResultsCalculate optimal solutions from several calls of tunePareto
plotDominationGraphVisualize the Pareto fronts of parameter configuration scores
plotObjectivePairsPlot a matrix of Pareto front panels
plotParetoFronts2DA classical 2-dimensional plot of Pareto fronts
precalculationPredefined precalculation functions for objectives
predefinedClassifiersTunePareto wrappers for certain classifiers
predefinedObjectiveFunctionsPredefined objective functions for parameter tuning
predict.TuneParetoModelPrediction method for TuneParetoClassifier objects
print.TuneParetoResultPrint method for objects used in TunePareto
rankByDesirabilityRank results according to their desirabilities
recalculateParetoSetRecalculate Pareto-optimal solutions
trainTuneParetoClassifierTrain a TunePareto classifier
tuneParetoGeneric function for multi-objective parameter tuning of...
tuneParetoClassifierCreate a classifier object
TunePareto-packageMulti-objective parameter tuning for classifiers
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