Man pages for TwoRegression
Develop and Apply Two-Regression Algorithms

all_dataTwo-regression-ready data frame
count_dataActivity count data for demonstrating prior two-regression...
directionsCalculate direction changes per five seconds in sliding...
DualCP_LOSOPerform leave-one-participant-out-cross-validation on a...
fit_2rmDevelop a two-regression algorithm
get_2rm_formulaConvert an object of class TwoRegression to a textual...
get_cut_pointDevelop a cut-point as part of the process for developing a...
get_cvCoefficient of variation for two-regression models
get_lm_formulaConvert a linear model to a text representation of the...
hibbing-helpersApply a Hibbing 2018 two-regression algorithm
hibbing-input-validationInternal functions for the 2RM wrapper
imu_to_checkIMU data to check
imu_to_collapseIMU data to collapse
plotCPAdd a cut-point to a plot
plot_sedPlot behaviors for visualizing a sedentary cut-point
plot.TwoRegressionCreate summary plots for TwoRegression objects
plot_walkrunPlot behaviors for visualizing a walk/run cut-point
predict.TwoRegressionPredict metabolic equivalents from a TwoRegression object
raw_for_cvPrimary accelerometer data to calculate coefficient of...
raw_to_collapsePrimary accelerometer data to collapse
smooth_2rmSmooth two-regression estimates over specified periods
summary.TwoRegressionSummary method for TwoRegression objects
TwoRegression-FunctionApply an existing two-regression model
TwoRegression-PackageDevelop and Apply Two-Regression Algorithms
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