Man pages for UKFE
UK Flood Estimation

AMextractAnnual maximum extraction
AMplotPlot of the annual maximum sample
AMSPNational River Flow Archive (NRFA) annual maximum data for...
ARFAreal reduction factor (ARF)
BFIBaseflow index (BFI)
DDF99FEH99 depth duration frequency precipitation model
DesHydroDesign hydrograph extraction
DeTrendLinearly detrend a sample
DiagPlotsDiagnostic plots for pooling groups
DonAdjDonor adjustment candidates & results
EncProbEncounter probabilities
ERPlotExtreme rank plot
EVPlotExtreme value plot (frequency and growth curves)
EVPlotAddAdd lines and/or points to an extreme value plot
EVPoolExtreme value plot for pooling groups
GenLogAMGeneralised logistic distribution - estimates directly from...
GenLogEstGeneralised logistic distribution estimates from parameters
GenLogGFGeneralised logistic distribution growth factors
GenLogParsGeneralised logistic distribution parameter estimates
GenParetoEstGeneralised Pareto distribution estimates from parameters
GenParetoGFGeneralised Pareto distribution growth factors
GenParetoParsGeneralised Pareto distribution parameter estimates
GenParetoPOTGeneralised Pareto distribution - estimates directly from...
GetAMGet an annual maximum sample from the National River Flow...
GetCDsGet catchment descriptors from the National River Flow...
GetQMEDQMED from a gauged site suitable for QMED
GEVAMGeneralised extreme value distribution - estimates directly...
GEVEstGeneralised extreme value distribution estimates from...
GEVGFGeneralised extreme value distribution growth factors
GEVParsGeneralised extreme value distribution parameter estimates
GoTFGoodness of tail fit (GoTF).
GoTFPoolGoodness of tail fit (GoTF) for pooling groups
GumbelAMGumbel distribution - estimates directly from sample
GumbelEstGumbel distribution estimates from parameters
GumbelGFGumbel distribution growth factors
GumbelParsGumbel distribution parameter estimates
H2Heterogeneity measure (H2) for pooling groups.
HydroPlotHydrological plot of concurrent discharge and precipitation
ImportAMImport an annual maximum (AMAX) sample from NRFA peak flow...
ImportCDsImport catchment descriptors from .CD3 files
LcvLinear coefficient of variation (Lcv)
LcvUrbUrban adjustment for the linear coefficient of variation...
LKurtLinear Kurtosis (LKurt)
LmomsLmoments & Lmoment ratios
LRatioChangeAdjust L-Ratios in a pooling group
LSkewLinear Skewness (LSkew)
LSkewUrbUrban adjustment for the linear skewness (LSkew)
NGRDistBritish national grid reference (NGR) distances
NRFADataNational River Flow Archive descriptors and calculated...
OptimParsOptimise distribution parameters
PermAdjPermeable Adjustment
PoolCreate pooling group
PoolEstPooled flood estimates
POTextractPeaks over threshold (POT) data extraction
QMEDQMED (median annual maximum flow) estimate from catchment...
QMEDDataNational River Flow Archive descriptors and calculated...
QMEDDonEqQMED donor adjustment
QMEDfseSSQMED factorial standard error for gauged sites
QMEDLinkQMED Linking equation
QMEDPOTEmpirical estimate of QMED from peaks over threshold (POT)...
QuickResultsQuick pooled results
RatingStage-Discharge equation optimisation
ReFHRevitalised Flood Hydrograph Model (ReFH)
SCFSeasonal correction factor (SCF)
SimDataData simulator
ThamesPQKingston upon Thames daily flow and catchment precipitation...
TrendTestTrend hypothesis test
UAFUrban adjustment factor (UAF) and percentage runoff urban...
UKOutlineUK outline
UncertaintyUncertainty quantification for gauged and ungauged pooled...
UncSSUncertainty for the single site
WeightsGLcvSite gauged linear coefficient of variation (Lcv) weightings
WeightsGLSkewSite gauged linear skewness (LSkew) weightings
WeightsUnLcvSite ungauged linear coefficient of variation (Lcv)...
WeightsUnLSkewSite ungauged linear skewness (LSkew) weightings
WGaugLcvGauged pool weighted linear coefficient of variation (Lcv)
WGaugLSkewGauged pool weighted linear skewness (LSkew)
WungLcvUngauged pool weighted linear coefficient of variation (Lcv)
WungLSkewUngauged pool weighted linear skewness (LSkew)
ZdistsZdist Goodness of fit measure for pooling groups
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