Man pages for UPSvarApprox
Approximate the Variance of the Horvitz-Thompson Total Estimator

approx_var_estApproximated Variance Estimators
is.wholenumberCheck if a number is integer
UPSvarApproxUPSvarApprox: Approximate the variance of the...
Var_approxApproximate the Variance of the Horvitz-Thompson estimator
var_BergerBerger approximate variance estimator
var_Brewer_class2Approximate Variance Estimators by Brewer (2002)
var_Brewer_class3Approximate Variance Estimators by Brewer (2002)
var_DevilleDeville's approximate variance estimators
var_FixedPointFixed-Point approximate variance estimator
var_HajekHájek Approximate Variance Estimator
var_HartleyRaoHartley and Rao approximate variance estimator
var_MateiTilleApproximate Variance Estimators by Matei and Tillé (2005)
var_RosenRosén Approximate Variance Estimator
var_TilleTillé's Approximate Variance Estimator
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