Man pages for VFS
Vegetated Filter Strip and Erosion Model

APLEAgricultural Phosphorus Loss Estimator
bufferdatParameters for vegetated buffers
MUSLEModified Universal Soil Loss Equation
MUSLE.KEstimate soil erodibility factor K.
MUSLE.LSEstimate landscape factor LS
peakRational method to calculate peak discharge
print.APLEPrinting the result of APLE
print.VFSPrinting the result of VFS
rainfallGenerate simulated daily rainfall
read.dlyRead GHCN DLY daily weather file into a data frame
soildatSoil texture class properties
summary.APLESummarize the result of APLE
summary.VFSSummarize the result of VFS
temperatureGenerate simulated mean temperature
USC00368449.dlyGHCN Data for State College, PA, 1980-2009
VFSVegetated filter strip and erosion model
VFSAPLELink the VFS and APLE models.
VFS-packageVegetated Filter Strip and Erosion Model
weatherTen years of daily weather data
wth.paramCalculate weather parameters from daily data for use in...
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