VTrack: A Collection of Tools for the Analysis of Remote Acoustic Telemetry Data

Designed to facilitate the assimilation, analysis and synthesis of animal location and movement data collected by the VEMCO suite of acoustic transmitters and receivers. As well as database and geographic information capabilities the principal feature of VTrack is the qualification and identification of ecologically relevant events from the acoustic detection and sensor data. This procedure condenses the acoustic detection database by orders of magnitude, greatly enhancing the synthesis of acoustic detection data.

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AuthorRoss G. Dwyer, Mathew E. Watts, Hamish A. Campbell & Craig E. Franklin
Date of publication2015-07-04 09:06:13
MaintainerRoss Dwyer <ross.dwyer@uq.edu.au>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AATAMS1: Passive Acoustic Monitoring of one animal in the AATAMS...

ComputeAzimuth: Compute the Azimuth Between Two Coordinates

ComputeDistance: Compute the Distance Between Two Coordinates

crocs: Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Saltwater Crocodiles

ExtractData: Filter a Subset of Data from a VTrack File

ExtractRecSummary: Extended Function to Extract Summary Data for each Receiver...

ExtractTagSummary: Function to Extract Summary Data for each Transmitter in the...

ExtractUniqueValues: Extract Transmitters Found, or Receivers and Stations Used

GenerateAnimationKMLFile: Create Animation of Transmitter Residences and Movements to...

GenerateAnimationKMLFile_Multitag: Create Animation of Multiple Transmitters to View in Google...

GenerateAnimationKMLFile_Track: Create Animation of Transmitter Track to View in Google Earth

GenerateCircuitousDistance: Converts a Points File into a Distance Matrix Using the...

GenerateDirectDistance: Converts a Points File into a Distance Matrix Using Direct...

NonResidenceExtractId: Extract the Non-residence Events, the Corresponding Distance...

PointsCircuitous_crocs: Points File Containing VR2 Locations on the Wenlock River in...

PointsDirect_AATAMS1: Points File Containing VR2 Locations For AATAMS1

PointsDirect_crocs: Points File Containing VR2 Locations on the Wenlock River in...

ReadInputData: Read in a Raw VEMCO or AATAMS Data File into a VTrack Archive

ReturnVR2Distance: Extract the Distances Moved Between VR2 Receiver Units Within...

RunResidenceExtraction: Extract Residence and Nonresidence Events Within the Acoustic...

RunSensorEventExtraction: Extract Sensor Events within an Acoustic Detection Database

RunTimeProfile: Extract a Time Profile for Depth, Temperature, Residence or...

VTrack-package: VTrack: A Collection of Tools for the Analysis of Remote...


AATAMS1 Man page
ComputeAzimuth Man page
ComputeDistance Man page
crocs Man page
ExtractData Man page
ExtractRecSummary Man page
ExtractTagSummary Man page
ExtractUniqueValues Man page
GenerateAnimationKMLFile Man page
GenerateAnimationKMLFile_Multitag Man page
GenerateAnimationKMLFile_Track Man page
GenerateCircuitousDistance Man page
GenerateDirectDistance Man page
NonResidenceExtractId Man page
PointsCircuitous_crocs Man page
PointsDirect_AATAMS1 Man page
PointsDirect_crocs Man page
ReadInputData Man page
ReturnVR2Distance Man page
RunResidenceExtraction Man page
RunSensorEventExtraction Man page
RunTimeProfile Man page
VTrack Man page
VTrack-package Man page

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