Man pages for VideoComparison
Video Comparison Tool

Compare2VideosCompare two videos starting from their names.
ExtractImgHashNoSQL JSON oriented database video frame hash extraction...
ExtractImgPosNoSQL JSON oriented database video frame extraction function
ExtractMotionNoSQL JSON oriented database motion vector extraction...
h2Example of Hashes for Image Sample number 2
hhExample of Hashes for Image Sample number 1
imagehash1Image Hash JSON Example
imagehash2Image Hash JSON Example
imgsVideo Image Frame list as retrieved by ExtractionImgPos
mmVideo Motion Vector as example
VideoComparisonCalculate the matching segment between two video motion...
VideoComparison-packageComparison between videos.
VideoDistanceCalculate the distances between the two images provided in...
VideoMatchStarting from two list of image hashes and the score in...
videomotion1Video Motion JSON Example
videomotion2Video Motion JSON Example
VideoSearchObtain the ID for main video entries into the database.
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