Man pages for VulnToolkit
Analysis of Tidal Datasets

dur.biasCalculates bias in flooding duration estimates due to logger...
dur.eventsCalculates the duration of the median (or other percentile)...
fld.depthCalculates flooding depth above an elevation of interest
fld.durFlooding duration
fld.frqFlooding frequency
form.noCalculate tidal form number
harconScrapes harmonic constituent data from NOAA CO-OPS website
HLExtracts high and low tides from a record of water levels
HL.plotPlots water level data and high/low tides extracted by 'HL()'
NL_6min_2013New London water levels, 2013
noaaDownloads NOAA CO-OPS tide data
noaa.datumsScrapes elevation datums from NOAA CO-OPS website
noaa.parametersReports data available for a NOAA station
number.tidesNumbers tidal cycles, flood tides, and ebb tides
psmslDownload sea level data from Permanent Service for Mean Sea...
psmsl.stationsGenerates a list of active and historic PSMSL stations
wave.durFind the proportion of time when water surface is near a...
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