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WDI: World Development Indicators (World Bank)


Downloads the requested data by using the World Bank's API, parses the resulting XML file, and formats it in long country-year format.


  country = "all",
  indicator = "NY.GDP.PCAP.KD",
  start = 1960,
  end = NULL,
  extra = FALSE,
  cache = NULL,
  latest = NULL,
  language = "en"



Vector of countries (ISO-2 character codes, e.g. "BR", "US", "CA") for which the data is needed. Using the string "all" instead of individual iso codes pulls data for every available country.


Character vector of indicators codes. See the WDIsearch() function. If you supply a named vector, the indicators will be automatically renamed: ‘c(’women_private_sector' = 'BI.PWK.PRVS.FE.ZS')'


Start date, usually a year in integer format. Must be 1960 or greater.


End date, usually a year in integer format. Must be greater than the 'start' argument. If 'NULL', the end date is set to 5 years in the future.


TRUE returns extra variables such as region, iso3c code, and incomeLevel. See Details.


NULL (optional) a list created by WDIcache() to be used with the extra=TRUE argument.


Integer indicating the number of most recent non-NA values to get. Default is NULL. If specified, it overrides the start and end dates.


ISO-2 code in lower case indicating in which language the characters should be provided. List of languages available with 'WDI::languages_supported()'. Default is English.


It is possible to only specify the ‘indicator' and the 'country' arguments, in which case 'WDI()' will return data from 1960 to the last year available on World Bank’s website. It is also possible to get only the most recent non-NA values, with 'latest'.

If 'extra = TRUE', additional variables are provided:

  • status: observation status, e.g is the observation a forecast?

  • iso3c

  • region

  • capital: name of the capital city

  • latitude, longitude

  • income: income categories of the World Bank

  • lending


Data frame with country-year observations. You can extract a data.frame with indicator names and descriptive labels by inspecting the ‘label' attribute of the resulting data.frame: 'attr(dat, ’label')'


Vincent Arel-Bundock vincent.arel-bundock@umontreal.ca


## Not run: 

WDI(country="all", indicator=c("AG.AGR.TRAC.NO","TM.TAX.TCOM.BC.ZS"),
    start=1990, end=2000)
WDI(country=c("US","BR"), indicator="NY.GNS.ICTR.GN.ZS", start=1999, end=2000,
    extra=TRUE, cache=NULL)

# Rename indicators on the fly
WDI(country = 'CA', indicator = c('women_private_sector' = 'BI.PWK.PRVS.FE.ZS',
                                  'women_public_sector' = 'BI.PWK.PUBS.FE.ZS'))
# Get the 5 latest non-NA values
WDI(country=c("US","BR"), indicator="NY.GNS.ICTR.GN.ZS", latest = 5)

## End(Not run)

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