Man pages for Watersheds
Spatial Watershed Aggregation and Spatial Drainage Network Analysis

plot.PointAttribute-methodsPlotting attributes of 'SpatialPointsDataFrame' objects
plot.PolyLineAttribute-methodsPlot attributes of 'Spatial-Lines,Polygons-DataFrame'...
RiverStationIntersection of 'SpatialPoints' and 'SpatialLinesDataFrame'
SpDF_SubsetSubsetting spatial dataframe objects
SpDF_TouchTouch function for spatial objects
Watershed-classClass '"Watershed"'
Watershed.IOR1Watershed inlet and outlet nodes: case 1
Watershed.IOR2Watershed inlet and outlet nodes: case 2
Watershed.IOR3Watershed inlet and outlet nodes: case 3
Watershed.IOR4Watershed inlet and outlet nodes: case 4
Watershed.Order2-methodsS4 Method for Function 'Watershed.Order2'
Watershed.Order-methodsS4 Method for Function 'Watershed.Order'
WatershedsDataA dataset of the ECRINS database for the river Weser basin,...
Watersheds-packageSpatial watershed aggregation and spatial drainage network...
Watershed.Tributary-methodsS4 Method for Function 'Watershed.Tributary'
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