Man pages for WiSEBoot
Wild Scale-Enhanced Bootstrap

CM20N20S150WAIRS, IPSL, and MIROC5 Data at 150W
CM20N20S60EAIRS, IPSL, and MIROC5 Data at 60E
deSeasonalizeDe-seasonalize daily, monthly, or data series with IDs
padMatrixIncrease data length to the closest power of 2.
padVectorIncrease data length to the closest power of 2.
retrieveBootstrapSampleConstruct the bootstrap data series from wavelet coefficients
SimulatedSmoothSeriesSimulated Wavelet-Smoothed Series
SimulatedSNR15SeriesSimulated Wavelet Signals with SNR=15
SimulatedSNR25SeriesSimulated Wavelet Signals with SNR=25
SimulatedSNR5SeriesSimulated Wavelet Series with SNR=5
SimulatedSNR9SeriesSimulated Wavelet Signals with SNR=9
smoothTimeSeriesThreshold Wavelet Coefficients to Create Smooth Time Series
WiSEBootWild Scale-Enhanced (WiSE) Bootstrap for Model Selection
WiSEBoot-packageWild Scale-Enhanced (WiSE) Bootstrap
WiSEConfidenceRegionWiSE Wavelet Coefficients: Linear Confidence Region
WiSEHypothesisTestWiSE Wavelet Coefficients: Linear Hypothesis Test
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