Man pages for WikiSocio
A MediaWiki API Wrapper

contrib_listGetting the list of the contribution of a contributor.
corpus_contrib_createCreating a contributor corpus
corpus_contrib_dataAdding data to a contributor corpus
corpus_contrib_selectSelecting the member of a corpus, based on their...
corpus_page_createCreating a page corpus
corpus_page_dataAdding page data to a page corpus
graph_pageGraph a wiki page
page_anonGiving the proportion of anonmous contribution in a revisions...
page_catList all categories where the page is located
page_infosGetting some quantitative infos about a wiki page
page_islinkTest if page(s) is(are) linked
page_linksList of inter-articles links on a wiki page
page_rankingExtracting the first contributors freom a list of revisions
page_revisionsDownloading the list of contributions for one page
periodRecode a date vector into periods
xpathQuery a page by xpath means
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