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internal function to test validity of a wikidepia domain and user, called in userInfo and userContribs functions.


testWikiUser(user.name = NULL, domain = "en")



a character value providing the name of the specific wikipedia user


a character value providing the language of the wikipedia page.The default value is "en" for "english language".


a list of four elements, the first is takeOnlyFirst, a boolean indicating if the class of user.name parameter is invalid, for example vector, list, matrix..., and in that case, the only the first element is considered. The second element is test, an integer with value:

The third element is user, a vector containing the user name, the user identifier, and domain. If the user does not exist, this item is not created. The last element, warnMessage, is a vector of warning messages.


Avner Bar-Hen, Louise Baschet, Francois-Xavier Jollois, Jeremie Riou

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