Man pages for XiMpLe
A Simple XML Tree Parser and Generator

nodeExtract/manipulate a node or parts of it from an XML tree
parseXMLTreeRead an XML file into an R object
pasteXML-methodsPaste methods for XiMpLe XML objects
pasteXMLTagWrite an XML tag
show-methodsShow method for S4 objects of XiMpLe XML classes
validXMLValidate S4 objects of XiMpLe XML classes
XiMpLe.doc-classClass XiMpLe.doc
XiMpLe.node-classClass XiMpLe.node
XiMpLe-packageThe XiMpLe Package
XiMpLe.validity-classClass XiMpLe.validity
XMLgeneratorsGenerate XML generator functions from XiMpLe.valisity object
XMLGetters-methodsGetter/setter methods for S4 objects of XiMpLe XML classes
XMLNodeConstructor function for XiMpLe.node objects
XMLTreeConstructor function for XiMpLe.doc objects
XMLValidityConstructor function for XiMpLe.validity objects
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