YPmodel: The Short-Term and Long-Term Hazard Ratio Model for Survival Data

Inference procedures accommodate a flexible range of hazard ratio patterns with a two-sample semi-parametric model. This model contains the proportional hazards model and the proportional odds model as sub-models, and accommodates non-proportional hazards situations to the extreme of having crossing hazards and crossing survivor functions. Overall, this package has four major functions: 1) the parameter estimation, namely short-term and long-term hazard ratio parameters; 2) 95 percent and 90 percent point-wise confidence intervals and simultaneous confidence bands for the hazard ratio function; 3) p-value of the adaptive weighted log-rank test; 4) p-values of two lack-of-fit tests for the model. See the included "read_me_first.pdf" for brief instructions. In this version (1.1), there is no need to sort the data before applying this package.

AuthorJunlong Sun and Song Yang
Date of publication2015-11-09 21:18:57
MaintainerJunlong Sun <junlong.sun@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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fun.adlgrk Man page
fun.classCheck Man page
fun.cumsum Man page
fun.errorMessage Man page
fun.flipud Man page
fun.generateParameters Man page
fun.hazardRationEstimation Man page
fun.hcvxitr1 Man page
fun.internalParameters Man page
fun.martint Man page
fun.newBest Man page
fun.ntitr0 Man page
fun.oldp2 Man page
fun.Rjudge Man page
fun.survf Man page
fun.variance Man page
fun.YPmodelOriginal Man page
fun.zeroORone Man page
gastric Man page
gastric30 Man page
plot.YPmodel Man page
plot.YPmodel.estimate Man page
plot.YPmodel.IntervalBands Man page
plot.YPmodel.lackfittest Man page
plot.YPmodel.martint Man page
plot.YPmodel.survf Man page
plot.YPmodel.survivor Man page
print.YPmodel Man page
summary.YPmodel Man page
summary.YPmodel.adlgrk Man page
summary.YPmodel.estimate Man page
summary.YPmodel.IntervalBands Man page
summary.YPmodel.lackfittest Man page
summary.YPmodel.overall Man page
YPmodel Man page
YPmodel.adlgrk Man page
YPmodel.default Man page
YPmodel.estimate Man page
YPmodel.inputData Man page
YPmodel-internal Man page
YPmodel.IntervalBands Man page
YPmodel.lackfittest Man page
YPmodel-package Man page
YPmodel.setParameter Man page
YPmodel.setRandom Man page


YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.survivor.R YPmodel/R/fun.newBest.R YPmodel/R/fun.adlgrk.R YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.martint.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.adlgrk.R YPmodel/R/fun.generateParameters.R YPmodel/R/summary.YPmodel.estimate.R YPmodel/R/fun.internalParameters.R YPmodel/R/fun.classCheck.R YPmodel/R/fun.ntitr0.R YPmodel/R/fun.zeroORone.R YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.R YPmodel/R/summary.YPmodel.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.lackfittest.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.setRandom.R YPmodel/R/summary.YPmodel.overall.R YPmodel/R/fun.YPmodelOriginal.R YPmodel/R/fun.hazardRationEstimation.R YPmodel/R/print.YPmodel.R YPmodel/R/summary.YPmodel.adlgrk.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.default.R YPmodel/R/fun.hcvxitr1.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.setParameter.R YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.IntervalBands.R YPmodel/R/fun.martint.R YPmodel/R/summary.YPmodel.lackfittest.R YPmodel/R/summary.YPmodel.IntervalBands.R YPmodel/R/fun.errorMessage.R YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.lackfittest.R YPmodel/R/fun.cumsum.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.IntervalBands.R YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.estimate.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.inputData.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.R YPmodel/R/YPmodel.estimate.R YPmodel/R/fun.survf.R YPmodel/R/fun.flipud.R YPmodel/R/plot.YPmodel.survf.R YPmodel/R/fun.oldp2.R YPmodel/R/fun.Rjudge.R YPmodel/R/fun.variance.R
YPmodel/man/gastric.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel-package.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel.IntervalBands.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel-internal.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel.lackfittest.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel.estimate.Rd YPmodel/man/YPmodel.adlgrk.Rd

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