Man pages for ZVCV
Zero-Variance Control Variates

aSECFApproximate semi-exact control functionals (aSECF)
aSECF_crossvalApproximate semi-exact control functionals (aSECF) with...
CFControl functionals (CF)
CF_crossvalControl functionals (CF) with cross-validation
evidenceEvidence estimation with ZV-CV
Expand_TemperaturesAdjusting the temperature schedule
getXZV-CV design matrix
K0_fnKernel matrix calculation
logsumexpStable log sum of exponential calculations
medianTuneMedian heuristic
nearPDNearest symmetric positive definite matrix
Phi_fnPhi matrix calculation
SECFSemi-exact control functionals (SECF)
SECF_crossvalSemi-exact control functionals (SECF) with cross-validation
squareNormSquared norm matrix calculation
VDPExample of estimation using SMC
zvcvZV-CV for general expectations
ZVCV_packageZero-Variance Control Variates
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