acid: Analysing Conditional Income Distributions

Functions for the analysis of income distributions for subgroups of the population as defined by a set of variables like age, gender, region, etc. This entails a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for a mixture distribution as well as functions for moments, inequality measures, entropy measures and polarisation measures of income distributions. This package thus aides the analysis of income inequality by offering tools for the exploratory analysis of income distributions at the disaggregated level.

AuthorAlexander Sohn
Date of publication2016-02-01 13:34:52
MaintainerAlexander Sohn <>

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Man pages

acid-package: Analysing Conditional Income Distributions

arithmean.GB2: Mean of the Generalised Beta Distribution of Second Kind

atkinson: Atkinson Inequality Index

atkinson.den: Atkinson Index for an Income Distribution

atkinson.GB2: Atkinson Index for a Generalised Beta Distribution of Second... Atkinson Index for a Mixture of Income Distributions

cdf.mix.dag: Cumulative Density Function of Dagum Mixture Distribution

cdf.mix.LN: Cumulative Density Function of Log-Normal Mixture...

coeffvar: Coefficient of Variation

confband.kneib: Simultaneous Confidence Bands Pointwise Confidence Bands

dat: ACID Simulated Data Density for a Mixture of Income Distributions

dist.para.t: Distributions and their Parameters

entropy: Measures of the Generalised Entropy Family Generalised Entropy Measure for a Mixture of Income...

frac.ranks: Fractional Ranks

gini: Gini Coefficient

gini.Dag: Gini Coefficient for the Dagum Distribution

gini.den: Gini Coefficient for an Income Distribution

gini.gamma: Gini Coefficient for the Gamma Distribution Gini Coefficient for a Mixture of Income Distributions Three Inequality Measures for a Mixture of Income...

km.GB2: k-th Moment of the Generalised Beta Distribution of Second...

midks.plot: Plot Comparing Parametric and Empirical Cumulative Density...

midks.test: Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test assessing a Parametric Mixture for a...

params: Parameter estimators obtained from Structured Additive...

pens.parade: Pen's Parade

polarisation.EGR: Polarisation Measure from Esteban, Gradin and Ray (2007)

polarisation.ER: Polarisation Measure from Esteban and and Ray (1994) P-Value for a Mixture of Income Distributions

sadr.test: Misspecification Test assessing a Parametric Conditional...

sd.GB2: Standard Deviation of the Generalised Beta Distribution of...

sgini: Single-parameter Gini Coefficient

sgini.den: Single-parameter Gini Coefficient for an Income Distribution

skewness.GB2: Skewness of the Generalised Beta Distribution of Second Kind

theil.gamma: Theil Index for the Gamma Distribution

weighted.atkinson: Atkinson Inequality Index

weighted.coeffvar: Coefficient of Variation

weighted.entropy: Measures of the Generalised Entropy Family

weighted.gini: Gini Coefficient

weighted.moments: Moments of a Random Variable Sampling Incomes from a Mixture of Income Distributions


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midks.test Man page
params Man page
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polarisation.EGR Man page
polarisation.ER Man page Man page
sadr.test Man page
sd.GB2 Man page
sgini Man page
sgini.den Man page
skewness.GB2 Man page
theil.gamma Man page
weighted.atkinson Man page
weighted.coeffvar Man page
weighted.entropy Man page
weighted.gini Man page
weighted.moments Man page Man page


acid/R/entropy.R acid/R/sgini.R acid/R/ acid/R/sadr.test.R acid/R/weighted.entropy.R acid/R/ acid/R/theil.gamma.R acid/R/atkinson.R acid/R/gini.R acid/R/arithmean.GB2.R acid/R/weighted.coeffvar.R acid/R/weighted.atkinson.R acid/R/weighted.gini.R acid/R/weighted.moments.R acid/R/ acid/R/entropy.GB2.R acid/R/gini.den.R acid/R/cdf.mix.dag.R acid/R/coeffvar.R acid/R/ acid/R/pens.parade.R acid/R/atkinson.den.R acid/R/midks.plot.R acid/R/frac.ranks.R acid/R/km.GB2.R acid/R/cdf.mix.LN.R acid/R/ acid/R/ acid/R/gini.gamma.R acid/R/skewness.GB2.R acid/R/sd.GB2.R acid/R/ acid/R/polarisation.EGR.R acid/R/midks.test.R acid/R/atkinson.GB2.R acid/R/polarisation.ER.R acid/R/gini.Dag.R acid/R/sgini.den.R acid/R/confband.kneib.R acid/R/
acid/man/ acid/man/entropy.Rd acid/man/arithmean.GB2.Rd acid/man/params.Rd acid/man/ acid/man/cdf.mix.dag.Rd acid/man/sadr.test.Rd acid/man/midks.plot.Rd acid/man/theil.gamma.Rd acid/man/dist.para.t.Rd acid/man/gini.den.Rd acid/man/km.GB2.Rd acid/man/pens.parade.Rd acid/man/acid-package.Rd acid/man/ acid/man/frac.ranks.Rd acid/man/skewness.GB2.Rd acid/man/ acid/man/atkinson.den.Rd acid/man/polarisation.ER.Rd acid/man/weighted.entropy.Rd acid/man/cdf.mix.LN.Rd acid/man/weighted.gini.Rd acid/man/sd.GB2.Rd acid/man/weighted.atkinson.Rd acid/man/sgini.Rd acid/man/atkinson.Rd acid/man/ acid/man/coeffvar.Rd acid/man/gini.Rd acid/man/
acid/man/ acid/man/dat.Rd acid/man/polarisation.EGR.Rd acid/man/weighted.coeffvar.Rd acid/man/confband.kneib.Rd acid/man/atkinson.GB2.Rd acid/man/weighted.moments.Rd acid/man/midks.test.Rd acid/man/gini.Dag.Rd acid/man/sgini.den.Rd acid/man/gini.gamma.Rd acid/man/

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