Man pages for adagio
Discrete and Global Optimization Routines

assignmentLinear Sum Assignment Problem
binpackingApproximate Bin Packing
cmaesCovariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
fminvizVisualize Function Minimum
hamiltonianFinds a Hamiltonian path or cycle
historizeHistorize function
hookejeevesHooke-Jeeves Minimization Method
knapsack0-1 Knapsack Problem
maxemptyMaximally Empty Rectangle Problem
maxquadThe MAXQUAD Test Function
maxsubMaximal Sum Subarray
mknapsackMultiple 0-1 Knapsack Problem
nelminNelder-Mead Minimization Method
occursFinding Subsequences
setcoverSet cover problem
simpleDESimple Differential Evolution Algorithm
simpleEASimple Evolutionary Algorithm
subsetsumSubset Sum Problem
testfunctionsOptimization Test Functions
transfiniteBoxed Region Transformation
trefethenTrefethen and Wagon Test Functions
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