adehabitat: Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals

A collection of tools for the analysis of habitat selection by animals.

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AuthorClement Calenge, contributions from Mathieu Basille, Stephane Dray and Scott Fortmann-Roe
Date of publication2015-07-22 16:15:32
MaintainerClement Calenge <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adehabitat-package: adehabitat: a Package for the Analysis of the Space Use by...

albatross: Argos Monitoring of Adult Albatross Movement

angles: Compute Turning Angles - Deprecated

area2asc: Converts a Polygon to Raster

area2dxf: Exportation of Areas

as.area: Objects of Class "area"

asc2im: Conversion of Maps of Class 'asc' and 'im' (Package spatstat)

ascgen: Creation of Raster Maps

as.kasc: Working with Several Raster Maps

as.ltraj: Working with Trajectories in 2D Space: the Class ltraj

as.sahrlocs: Exploratory Analysis of Habitat Selection

as.traj: Working with Trajects in 2D Space

bauges: Census of chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the Bauges...

bear: GPS monitoring of one brown bear

bighorn: Radio-Tracking of Bighorn Sheeps

biv.test: Bivariate Test

buffer: Compute Buffers

burst: ID and Bursts of an Object of Class ltraj

capreochiz: GPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Chize (France)

capreotf: GPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Trois-Fontaines (France)

chamois: Location of Chamois Groups in the Chartreuse Mountains

Chi: The Chi Distribution

c.ltraj: Combine Bursts of Relocations in Objects of Class "ltraj"

clusthr: Estimation of Home Range by Clustering

colasc: Creates a Vector of Colors for a Raster Map of Type 'factor'

compana: Compositional Analysis of Habitat Use

convnum: Conversion from Factor to Numeric for Raster Map Number of Points in Each Pixel of a Raster Map

cutltraj: Split Trajectories into Several Bursts

distfacmap: Compute distances to the different levels of a factor map

domain: Estimation of the Potential Distribution of a Species

dunnfa: Factorial Analysis of the Specialization in Habitat Selection...

eisera: Eigenanalysis of Selection Ratios

enfa: Ecological Niche Factor Analysis

engen2008II: Measuring Habitat Selection Using the Method of Engen et al....

explore.kasc: Interactive Exploration of Maps of Class kasc (requires the...

Extract.ltraj: Extract or Replace Parts of an Object of Class ltraj

findmaxasc: Find Local Maxima on a Map of Class 'asc'

fpt: Computation of the First Passage Time From Trajectories

gdltraj: Working with Trajectories: Specify a Time Period

getascattr: Copy the Attributes of an Object of Class 'asc' or 'kasc' to...

getcontour: Computes the Contour Polygon of a Raster Object

getXYcoords: Computes the X and Y Coordinates of the Pixels of a Raster...

gnesfa: General Niche-Environment System Factor Analysis

hbrown: Estimates the value of h for a Brownian motion

hist.kasc: Histograms of Mapped Variables

hist.ltraj: Histogram of the Descriptive Parameters of a Trajectory

histniche: Histograms of the Ecological Niche

hr.rast: Rasterisation of Objects of Class 'area'

hseal: Argos Monitoring of Hooded Seal

ibex: GPS Monitoring of Four Ibex in the Belledonne Mountain

ibexraw: GPS Monitoring of Four Ibex in the Belledonne Mountain...

image.asc: Displays a Color Image of a Matrix of Class 'asc'

image.sahrlocs: Graphical Display of the Habitat Composition of the Home...

import.asc: Arcview ASCII Raster File Importation And Exportation

indmove: Testing Independence in Regular Trajectory Parameters

is.regular: Regular Trajectories Handling of Trajectories of the Same Duration

join.asc: Finds the Value of Mapped Variables at some Specified...

kasc2df: Conversion of Objects of Class kasc

kasc2spixdf: Conversion of maps from/to the package "sp"

kernelbb: Estimation of Kernel Brownian Bridge Home-Range

kernelkc: Kernel Smoothing in Space and Time of the Animals' Use of...

kerneloverlap: Spatial Interaction between Animals Monitored Using...

kernelUD: Estimation of Kernel Home-Range

kselect: K-Select Analysis: a Method to Analyse the Habitat Selection...

kver: Handling of Objects of Class kver

labcon: Labelling Connected Features

lowres: Reducing the Resolution of a Map

lynxjura: Monitoring of Lynx

madifa: The MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis...

mahasuhab: Habitat Suitability Mapping with Mahalanobis Distances.

managNAkasc: "Cleaning" Objects of Class 'kasc'

mcp: Estimation of the Home Range Using the Minimum Convex Polygon...

mcp.rast: Converts a Polygon to Raster

mindistkeep: Detecting Absence of Movement in an Object of Class 'ltraj'

modpartltraj: Segmentation of a trajectory based on Markov models

morphology: Morphology: Erosion or Dilatation of Features on a Raster Map

mouflon: GPS Monitoring of One Mouflon in the Caroux Mountain

niche.test: Monte-Carlo Test on Parameters of the Ecological Niche

offsetdate: Date Handling in an Object of Class 'ltraj'

perarea: Compute Areas and Perimeters of Objects of Class "area"

pheasant: Radio-Tracking of Pheasants

plot.area: Graphical Display of Objects of Class "area"

plotltr: Changes in Traject Parameters Over Time

plot.ltraj: Graphical Display of an Object of Class "ltraj"

plot.sahrlocs: Exploratory Analysis of Habitat Selection

porpoise: Argos monitoring of Porpoise Movements

predict.enfa: Habitat Suitability Maps Built from the ENFA

puech: Radio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar (2)

puechabon: Radio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar

puechcirc: Movements of wild boars tracked at Puechabon

puechdesIII: Habitat Selection by the Wild Boar at Puechabon

qqchi: Quantile-Quantile Plots for Trajectories of Class 'ltraj'

rand.kselect: Test of the Third-Order Habitat Selection

randtest.enfa: Randomisation Test for the Ecological Niche Factor Analysis

redisltraj: Rediscretization of a Trajectory With Regular Step Length

rotxy: Internal Functions for Package 'adehabitat'

rupicabau: GPS Monitoring of One Chamois in the Bauges Mountains

sahrlocs2kselect: Preparation of K-Select Analysis

sahrlocs2niche: OMI Analysis of Radio-Tracking Data

scatter.enfa: Scatter Plot of the Results of the ENFA

scatterniche: Display the Niche in the Ecological Space

schoener: Compute Schoener's ratio

set.limits: Define the Same Time Limits for several Bursts in a Regular...

setmask: Applies a Mask on Objects of Class 'asc' or 'kasc'

setNA: Place Missing Values in Objects of Class 'ltraj'

sett0: Round the Timing of Collection of Relocations to Obtain...

showNAltraj: Highlighting the Patterns in Missing Values in Trajects Brownian bridge motion

simm.brown: Simulate a Bivariate Brownian Motion

simm.crw: Simulation of a Correlated Random Walk

simm.levy: Simulates a Levy Walk Simulation of an Arithmetic Brownian Motion

simm.mou: Simulation of a Bivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process

sliwinltr: Apply a Function on an Object of Class "ltraj", Using a...

speed: Computes the Speed Between Successive Relocations of an...

squirrel: Radio-Tracking Data of Squirrels

squirreloc: Radio-tracking of squirrels

storemapattr: Store Attributes of Maps of Class asc and kasc

subsample: Subsample a Trajectory

subsetmap: Storing a Part of a Map

teal: Teal (Anas crecca) Ring Recovery Dataset

trajdyn: Interactive Display of Objects of Class 'ltraj'

typeII2typeI: Change the Type of a Trajectory

vanoise: Habitat Use by Three Species of Galliformes in the Vanoise...

wawotest: Wald-Wolfowitz Test of Randomness

whale: Argos Monitoring of Whale Movement

which.ltraj: Identify Relocations Fullfilling a Condition in an Object of...

wi: Computation of Selection Ratios for Habitat Selection...


adehabitat Man page
adehabitat-package Man page
albatross Man page
angles Man page
ararea Man page
area Man page
area2asc Man page
area2dxf Man page
area2spol Man page
as.area Man page
as.asc Man page
asc Man page
asc2im Man page
asc2spixdf Man page
ascgen Man page
as.kasc Man page
as.ltraj Man page
as.sahrlocs Man page
as.traj Man page
attpol2area Man page
autourna Man page
bauges Man page
bear Man page
bestpartmod Man page
bighorn Man page
bindltraj Man page
biv.plot Man page
biv.test Man page
buffer Man page
buffer.ani Man page
buffer.line Man page
buffer.ltraj Man page
.buffer.point.unic Man page
burst Man page
burst<- Man page
capreochiz Man page
capreotf Man page
chamois Man page
chi Man page
c.ltraj Man page
clusthr Man page
clusthr.area Man page
colasc Man page
compana Man page
contour.asc Man page
convnum Man page
.convtime Man page
.corrXY Man page
count.points Man page Man page
cutltraj Man page
data2enfa Man page
dchi Man page
df2kasc Man page
df2traj Man page
distfacmap Man page
domain Man page
dunnfa Man page
eisera Man page
enfa Man page
engen2008I Man page
engen2008II Man page
explore.kasc Man page
export.asc Man page
Extract.ltraj Man page
exwc Man page
findmaxasc Man page
fpt Man page
gdltraj Man page
getascattr Man page
getburst Man page
getcontour Man page
getkasc Man page
getkascattr Man page
getsahrlocs Man page
getverticesclusthr Man page
getverticeshr Man page
getverticeshrk Man page
getverticeshrs Man page
getvolumeUD Man page
getvolumeUDk Man page
getvolumeUDs Man page
getXYcoords Man page
gnesfa Man page
hbrown Man page
hist.enfa Man page
hist.kasc Man page
hist.kselect Man page
hist.ltraj Man page
hist.madifa Man page
histniche Man page
hr.rast Man page
hseal Man page
ibex Man page
ibexraw Man page
id Man page
id<- Man page
im2asc Man page
image.asc Man page
image.kasc Man page
image.khr Man page
image.sahrlocs Man page
import.asc Man page
indmove Man page
indmove.detail Man page
is.regular Man page Man page
join.asc Man page
join.kasc Man page
kasc Man page
[.kasc Man page
[[.kasc Man page
kasc2df Man page
kasc2spixdf Man page
kernel.area Man page
kernelbb Man page
kernelkc Man page
kernelkcbase Man page
kerneloverlap Man page
kerneloverlaphr Man page
kernelUD Man page
kplot.kselect Man page
kselect Man page
kver Man page
kver2shapefile Man page
kver2spol Man page
kver.rast Man page
labcon Man page
liker Man page
lowres Man page
lowres.asc Man page
lowres.kasc Man page
ltraj Man page
[<-.ltraj Man page
[.ltraj Man page
ltraj2sldf Man page
ltraj2spdf Man page
ltraj2traj Man page
lynxjura Man page
madifa Man page
mahasuhab Man page
managNAkasc Man page
mapattr Man page
mcp Man page
mcp.area Man page
mcp.rast Man page
meanfpt Man page
mindistkeep Man page
modpartltraj Man page
morphology Man page
mouflon Man page
niche.test Man page
NNCH.iso.index Man page
noholes.poly Man page
offsetdate Man page
partmod.ltraj Man page
pchi Man page
perarea Man page
persp.asc Man page
pheasant Man page
plot.area Man page
plot.asc Man page
plot.clusthr Man page
plot.fipati Man page
plot.hrsize Man page
plot.kselect Man page
plot.kver Man page
plotLSCV Man page
plotltr Man page
plot.ltraj Man page
plot.madifa Man page
plotNAltraj Man page
plot.partltraj Man page
plot.sahrlocs Man page
plot.traj Man page
plot.wi Man page
porpoise Man page
predict.enfa Man page
predict.madifa Man page
print.asc Man page
print.clusthr Man page
print.compana Man page
print.dataenfa Man page
print.dunnfa Man page
print.enfa Man page
print.engenetalI Man page
print.engenetalII Man page
print.esr Man page
print.gnesfa Man page
print.kasc Man page
print.khr Man page
print.kselect Man page
print.liker Man page
print.ltraj Man page
print.madifa Man page
print.modpartltraj Man page
print.partltraj Man page
print.plotsahr Man page
print.rand.kselect Man page
print.sahrlocs Man page
print.traj Man page
print.wiI Man page
print.wiII Man page
print.wiIII Man page
profilehab Man page
puech Man page
puechabon Man page
puechcirc Man page
puechdesIII Man page
qchi Man page
qqchi Man page
qqchi.default Man page
qqchi.ltraj Man page
qqnorm.ltraj Man page
rand.kselect Man page
randtest.enfa Man page
rchi Man page
rec Man page
redisltraj Man page
rotxy Man page
runsNAltraj Man page
rupicabau Man page
sahrlocs Man page
sahrlocs2kselect Man page
sahrlocs2niche Man page
scatter.enfa Man page
scatter.esr Man page
scatter.madifa Man page
scatterniche Man page
schoener Man page
schoener.rtest Man page
sd2df Man page
set.limits Man page
setmask Man page
setNA Man page
sett0 Man page Man page
simm.brown Man page
simm.crw Man page
simm.levy Man page Man page
simm.mou Man page
sliwinltr Man page
s.madifa Man page
speed Man page
spixdf2kasc Man page
spol2area Man page
squirrel Man page
squirreloc Man page
storemapattr Man page
subsample Man page
subsetmap Man page
subsetmap.asc Man page
subsetmap.kasc Man page
summary.ltraj Man page
summaryNAltraj Man page
summary.traj Man page
teal Man page
testang.ltraj Man page
testdist.ltraj Man page
traj Man page
traj2df Man page
traj2ltraj Man page
traj2sldf Man page
traj2spdf Man page
trajdyn Man page
typeII2typeI Man page
vanoise Man page
varlogfpt Man page
vectorize.parameter Man page
wawotest Man page
wawotest.default Man page
wawotest.ltraj Man page
whale Man page
which.ltraj Man page
wi Man page
widesI Man page
widesII Man page
widesIII Man page
wiI Man page
wiII Man page
wiIII Man page


demo/nichehs.r demo/rastermaps.r demo/analysisltraj.r demo/homerange.r
R/sahrlocs2niche.r R/asc2spixdf.r R/convnum.r R/rand.kselect.r R/randtest.enfa.r R/typeII2typeI.r R/mahasuhab.r R/plot.area.r R/im2asc.r R/qchi.r R/wawotest.ltraj.r R/getkasc.r R/print.dataenfa.r R/simm.crw.r R/plot.asc.r R/buffer.ani.r R/print.wiIII.r R/cutltraj.r R/asc2im.r R/plot.ltraj.r R/as.ltraj.r R/fpt.r R/pchi.r R/simm.brown.r R/image.asc.r R/hist.ltraj.r R/attpol2area.r R/as.sahrlocs.r R/kernel.area.r R/getburst.r R/meanfpt.r R/dunnfa.r R/plot.sahrlocs.r R/traj2spdf.r R/export.asc.r R/ R/distfacmap.r R/perarea.r R/qqchi.default.r R/hist.kasc.r R/ascgen.r R/schoener.rtest.r R/spol2area.r R/print.plotsahr.r R/domain.r R/sahrlocs2kselect.r R/redisltraj.r R/ltraj2sldf.r R/setmask.r R/qqnorm.ltraj.r R/print.kselect.r R/subsetmap.r R/kernelbb.r R/mcp.r R/df2kasc.r R/join.asc.r R/print.wiI.r R/print.kasc.r R/getvolumeUD.r R/corrXY.r R/wawotest.r R/morphology.r R/plot.hrsize.r R/ R/buffer.line.r R/print.rand.kselect.r R/import.asc.r R/predict.enfa.r R/qqchi.ltraj.r R/ R/labcon.r R/hr.rast.r R/print.traj.r R/image.kasc.r R/spixdf2kasc.r R/print.compana.r R/plot.kselect.r R/speed.r R/ltraj2spdf.r R/wawotest.default.r R/lowres.asc.r R/plot.kver.r R/lowres.r R/managNAkasc.r R/storemapattr.r R/qqchi.r R/kasc2df.r R/dchi.r R/modpartltraj.r R/print.wiII.r R/is.regular.r R/plot.wi.r R/ararea.r R/mcp.area.r R/runsNAltraj.r R/schoener.r R/as.kasc.r R/hbrown.r R/area2dxf.r R/rotxy.r R/enfa.r R/plotLSCV.r R/as.area.r R/as.traj.r R/getsahrlocs.r R/kselect.r R/mcp.rast.r R/getcontour.r R/traj2sldf.r R/summary.traj.r R/setNA.r R/widesIII.r R/hist.kselect.r R/area2spol.r R/clusthr.r R/kernelUD.r R/kver2spol.r R/biv.plot.r R/print.enfa.r R/getverticeshr.r R/angles.r R/plot.fipati.r R/widesI.r R/df2traj.r R/count.points.r R/offsetdate.r R/which.ltraj.r R/gnesfa.r R/plot.traj.r R/gdltraj.r R/mindistkeep.r R/simm.levy.r R/plotltr.r R/kernelkc.r R/compana.r R/biv.test.r R/testsSD.r R/buffer.r R/as.asc.r R/lowres.kasc.r R/niche.test.r R/widesII.r R/getkascattr.r R/join.kasc.r R/rchi.r R/varlogfpt.r R/explore.kasc.r R/getascattr.r R/findmaxasc.r R/debut.r R/sliwinltr.r R/print.asc.r R/print.khr.r R/sett0.r R/eisera.r R/scatter.enfa.r R/kerneloverlap.R R/kasc2spixdf.r R/kplot.kselect.r R/summaryNAltraj.r R/image.khr.r R/data2enfa.r R/colasc.r R/simm.mou.r R/subsetmap.asc.r R/traj2df.r R/histniche.r R/engen2008.r R/profilehab.r R/contour.asc.r R/persp.asc.r R/print.sahrlocs.r R/getXYcoords.r R/burst.r R/ R/subsample.r R/trajdyn.r R/set.limits.r R/scatterniche.r R/hist.enfa.r R/image.sahrlocs.r R/plotNAltraj.r R/indmove.r R/subsetmap.kasc.r R/rec.r R/madifa.r
man/storemapattr.Rd man/perarea.Rd man/ibex.Rd man/capreochiz.Rd man/angles.Rd man/as.kasc.Rd man/hbrown.Rd man/scatter.enfa.Rd man/hr.rast.Rd man/biv.test.Rd man/indmove.Rd man/kernelkc.Rd man/kernelbb.Rd man/mcp.rast.Rd man/getascattr.Rd man/image.asc.Rd man/puechabon.Rd man/subsetmap.Rd man/as.traj.Rd man/offsetdate.Rd man/kernelUD.Rd man/as.sahrlocs.Rd man/explore.kasc.Rd man/compana.Rd man/schoener.Rd man/enfa.Rd man/gdltraj.Rd man/kerneloverlap.Rd man/puech.Rd man/rotxy.Rd man/albatross.Rd man/kselect.Rd man/plotltr.Rd man/distfacmap.Rd man/rupicabau.Rd man/whale.Rd man/wi.Rd man/kver.Rd man/as.ltraj.Rd man/qqchi.Rd man/burst.Rd man/modpartltraj.Rd man/c.ltraj.Rd man/predict.enfa.Rd man/niche.test.Rd man/ man/morphology.Rd man/eisera.Rd man/buffer.Rd man/hist.ltraj.Rd man/ascgen.Rd man/labcon.Rd man/squirreloc.Rd man/speed.Rd man/ man/pheasant.Rd man/simm.mou.Rd man/sett0.Rd man/image.sahrlocs.Rd man/plot.area.Rd man/typeII2typeI.Rd man/porpoise.Rd man/vanoise.Rd man/simm.levy.Rd man/fpt.Rd man/engen2008II.Rd man/clusthr.Rd man/kasc2spixdf.Rd man/Chi.Rd man/showNAltraj.Rd man/set.limits.Rd man/puechcirc.Rd man/hseal.Rd man/subsample.Rd man/join.asc.Rd man/histniche.Rd man/plot.ltraj.Rd man/is.regular.Rd man/mcp.Rd man/mindistkeep.Rd man/squirrel.Rd man/capreotf.Rd man/findmaxasc.Rd man/Extract.ltraj.Rd man/trajdyn.Rd man/area2asc.Rd man/cutltraj.Rd man/asc2im.Rd man/ man/kasc2df.Rd man/mouflon.Rd man/mahasuhab.Rd man/dunnfa.Rd man/sahrlocs2niche.Rd man/import.asc.Rd man/simm.crw.Rd man/getXYcoords.Rd man/plot.sahrlocs.Rd man/sliwinltr.Rd man/rand.kselect.Rd man/madifa.Rd man/scatterniche.Rd man/setNA.Rd man/which.ltraj.Rd man/as.area.Rd man/wawotest.Rd man/gnesfa.Rd man/setmask.Rd man/sahrlocs2kselect.Rd man/ man/area2dxf.Rd man/colasc.Rd man/redisltraj.Rd man/managNAkasc.Rd man/simm.brown.Rd man/randtest.enfa.Rd man/ibexraw.Rd man/lowres.Rd man/adehabitat-package.Rd man/teal.Rd man/chamois.Rd man/getcontour.Rd man/puechdesIII.Rd man/bighorn.Rd man/hist.kasc.Rd man/convnum.Rd man/domain.Rd man/bauges.Rd man/lynxjura.Rd man/bear.Rd

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