adehabitatLT: Analysis of Animal Movements

A collection of tools for the analysis of animal movements.

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AuthorClement Calenge, contributions from Stephane Dray and Manuela Royer
Date of publication2016-08-31 20:46:24
MaintainerClement Calenge <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

acfdist.ltraj: Compute correlogram for angular and linear descriptors of a...

albatross: Argos Monitoring of Adult Albatross Movement

as.ltraj: Working with Trajectories in 2D Space: the Class ltraj

bear: GPS monitoring of one brown bear

buffalo: GPS monitoring of a buffalo

burst: ID, Bursts and infolocs of an Object of Class ltraj

capreochiz: GPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Chize (France)

capreotf: GPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Trois-Fontaines (France)

Chi: The Chi Distribution

c.ltraj: Combine Bursts of Relocations in Objects of Class "ltraj"

cutltraj: Split Trajectories into Several Bursts

Extract.ltraj: Extract or Replace Parts of an Object of Class ltraj

fpt: Computation of the First Passage Time From Trajectories

gdltraj: Working with Trajectories: Specify a Time Period

hbrown: Estimates the value of h for a Brownian motion

hist.ltraj: Histogram of the Descriptive Parameters of a Trajectory

hseal: Argos Monitoring of Hooded Seal

ibex: GPS Monitoring of Four Ibex in the Belledonne Mountain

ibexraw: GPS Monitoring of Four Ibex in the Belledonne Mountain...

indmove: Testing Independence in Regular Trajectory Parameters

is.regular: Regular Trajectories Handling of Trajectories of the Same Duration

lavielle: Segmentation of a time series using the method of Lavielle...

ld: Quick Conversion of Objects of Class ltraj from and to...

ltraj2sldf: Conversion of the class "ltraj" to the package "sp"

mindistkeep: Detecting Absence of Movement in an Object of Class 'ltraj'

modpartltraj: Segmentation of a trajectory based on Markov models

mouflon: GPS Monitoring of One Mouflon in the Caroux Mountain

na.omit.ltraj: Removes the missing values in a trajectory

offsetdate: Date Handling in an Object of Class 'ltraj'

plotltr: Changes in Traject Parameters Over Time

plot.ltraj: Graphical Display of an Object of Class "ltraj"

porpoise: Argos monitoring of Porpoise Movements

puechcirc: Movements of wild boars tracked at Puechabon

qqchi: Quantile-Quantile Plots for Trajectories of Class 'ltraj'

rasterize.ltraj: Rasterize a Trajectory

redisltraj: Rediscretization of a Trajectory With Regular Step Length or...

residenceTime: Trajectory Analysis using the Residence Time Method

rupicabau: GPS Monitoring of One Chamois in the Bauges Mountains

set.limits: Define the Same Time Limits for several Bursts in a Regular...

setNA: Place Missing Values in Objects of Class 'ltraj'

sett0: Round the Timing of Collection of Relocations to Obtain...

showNAltraj: Highlighting the Patterns in Missing Values in Trajects Brownian bridge motion

simm.brown: Simulate a Bivariate Brownian Motion

simm.crw: Simulation of a Correlated Random Walk

simm.levy: Simulates a Levy Walk Simulation of an Arithmetic Brownian Motion

simm.mou: Simulation of a Bivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process

sliwinltr: Apply a Function on an Object of Class "ltraj", Using a...

subsample: Subsample a Trajectory

teal: Teal (Anas crecca) Ring Recovery Dataset

testNM: Null Model Approach for Animal Movement Analysis

trajdyn: Interactive Display of Objects of Class 'ltraj'

typeII2typeI: Change the Type of a Trajectory

wawotest: Wald-Wolfowitz Test of Randomness

whale: Argos Monitoring of Whale Movement

which.ltraj: Identify Relocations Fullfilling a Condition in an Object of...


acfang.ltraj Man page
acfdist.ltraj Man page
albatross Man page
as.ltraj Man page
bear Man page
bestpartmod Man page
bindltraj Man page
buffalo Man page
burst Man page
burst<- Man page
capreochiz Man page
capreotf Man page
chi Man page
chooseseg Man page
c.ltraj Man page
cutltraj Man page
dchi Man page
dl Man page
Extract.ltraj Man page
findpath Man page
fpt Man page
gdltraj Man page
hbrown Man page
hist.ltraj Man page
hseal Man page
ibex Man page
ibexraw Man page
id Man page
id<- Man page
indmove Man page
indmove.detail Man page
infolocs Man page
infolocs<- Man page
is.regular Man page Man page
lavielle Man page
lavielle.default Man page
lavielle.ltraj Man page
ld Man page
ltraj Man page
[<-.ltraj Man page
[.ltraj Man page
ltraj2sldf Man page
ltraj2spdf Man page
meanfpt Man page
mindistkeep Man page
modpartltraj Man page
mouflon Man page
na.omit.ltraj Man page
NMs2NMm Man page
NMs.CRW Man page
NMs.randomCRW Man page
NMs.randomCs Man page
NMs.randomShiftRotation Man page
offsetdate Man page
partmod.ltraj Man page
pchi Man page
plot.fipati Man page
plotltr Man page
plot.ltraj Man page
plotNAltraj Man page
plot.partltraj Man page
plot.resiti Man page
porpoise Man page
print.lavielle Man page
print.ltraj Man page
print.modpartltraj Man page
print.NMm Man page
print.NMs Man page
print.partltraj Man page
print.resiti Man page
puechcirc Man page
qchi Man page
qqchi Man page
qqchi.default Man page
qqchi.ltraj Man page
qqnorm.ltraj Man page
rasterize.ltraj Man page
rchi Man page
rec Man page
redisltraj Man page
removeinfo Man page
residenceTime Man page
runsNAltraj Man page
rupicabau Man page
sd2df Man page
set.limits Man page
setNA Man page
sett0 Man page Man page
simm.brown Man page
simm.crw Man page
simm.levy Man page Man page
simm.mou Man page
sliwinltr Man page
subsample Man page
summary.ltraj Man page
summaryNAltraj Man page
teal Man page
testang.ltraj Man page
testdist.ltraj Man page
testNM Man page
trajdyn Man page
typeII2typeI Man page
varlogfpt Man page
wawotest Man page
wawotest.default Man page
wawotest.ltraj Man page
whale Man page
which.ltraj Man page


R/typeII2typeI.r R/qchi.r R/wawotest.ltraj.r R/simm.crw.r R/ld.r R/cutltraj.r R/plot.ltraj.r R/as.ltraj.r R/fpt.r R/pchi.r R/simm.brown.r R/hist.ltraj.r R/meanfpt.r R/ R/na.omit.ltraj.r R/qqchi.default.r R/acfdistang.R R/redisltraj.r R/ltraj2sldf.r R/qqnorm.ltraj.r R/residenceTime.r R/lavielle.r R/corrXY.r R/wawotest.r R/testNM.r R/qqchi.ltraj.r R/ R/ltraj2spdf.r R/rasterize.r R/wawotest.default.r R/qqchi.r R/dchi.r R/modpartltraj.r R/is.regular.r R/runsNAltraj.r R/hbrown.r R/setNA.r R/plot.fipati.r R/offsetdate.r R/which.ltraj.r R/gdltraj.r R/mindistkeep.r R/simm.levy.r R/plotltr.r R/testsSD.r R/rchi.r R/varlogfpt.r R/sliwinltr.r R/sett0.r R/summaryNAltraj.r R/simm.mou.r R/traj2df.r R/burst.r R/ R/subsample.r R/trajdyn.r R/set.limits.r R/plotNAltraj.r R/indmove.r R/rec.r
man/ibex.Rd man/capreochiz.Rd man/hbrown.Rd man/indmove.Rd man/buffalo.Rd man/offsetdate.Rd man/ld.Rd man/gdltraj.Rd man/acfdist.ltraj.Rd man/albatross.Rd man/plotltr.Rd man/rupicabau.Rd man/whale.Rd man/residenceTime.Rd man/as.ltraj.Rd man/qqchi.Rd man/burst.Rd man/modpartltraj.Rd man/c.ltraj.Rd man/ man/hist.ltraj.Rd man/ltraj2sldf.Rd man/testNM.Rd man/simm.mou.Rd man/sett0.Rd man/typeII2typeI.Rd man/porpoise.Rd man/simm.levy.Rd man/fpt.Rd man/lavielle.Rd man/Chi.Rd man/showNAltraj.Rd man/set.limits.Rd man/puechcirc.Rd man/hseal.Rd man/subsample.Rd man/plot.ltraj.Rd man/is.regular.Rd man/mindistkeep.Rd man/capreotf.Rd man/Extract.ltraj.Rd man/trajdyn.Rd man/cutltraj.Rd man/ man/mouflon.Rd man/simm.crw.Rd man/sliwinltr.Rd man/setNA.Rd man/which.ltraj.Rd man/wawotest.Rd man/ man/redisltraj.Rd man/rasterize.ltraj.Rd man/na.omit.ltraj.Rd man/simm.brown.Rd man/ibexraw.Rd man/teal.Rd man/bear.Rd

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