Man pages for adehabitatMA
Tools to Deal with Raster Maps

adehabitatMA-internalsInternal adehabitatMA objects
adeoptionsSetting options for the adehabitat* package
ascgenMaking Raster Maps From SpatialPoints Objects
bufferCompute Buffers Regions
count.pointsNumber of Points in Each Pixel of a Raster Map
distfacmapCompute distances to the different levels of a factor map
exploreInteractive Exploration of Maps of Class...
getcontourComputes the Contour Polygon of a Raster Object
hist.SpatialPixelsDataFrameHistograms of Mapped Variables
joinFinds the Value of Mapped Variables at some Specified...
kasc2spixdfConversion of old classes (adehabitat) to new classes...
labconLabelling Connected Features
lowresReducing the Resolution of a Map
lynxjuraMonitoring of Lynx
mimageDisplaying Multi-layer Raster Maps
morphologyMorphology: Erosion or Dilatation of Features on a Raster Map
perareaCompute Perimeters of Objects of Class...
puechabonspRadio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar
show-methodsPrint Functions for Objects of the Package 'sp' Used in...
subsetmapStoring a Part of a Map
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