Man pages for adepro
A 'shiny' Application for the (Audio-)Visualization of Adverse Event Profiles

add.sliceadd.slice - Function that adds single slices to a pie chart
ae_countae_count - provides adverse event count dataset
ae_dataExample data set with simulated adverse event information
check_datacheck_data - Consistency checks on the data
initQinitQ - generates classification matrix
launch_adeprolaunch_adepro - Launches the AdEPro application
patient_dataExample data set with simulated patient information
piechartpiechart - creates piechart of AEs for on patient
piechartspiecharts - function to depict all piecharts in one graphic...
pie_legendpie_legend - Function to create legend for displayed adverse...
preproc_aepreproc_ae - Preprocessing adverse event data
preproc_patientspreproc_patients - Preprocessing Patient Data
set_global_paramsset_global_params - sets all global parameters
set_group_linesset_group_lines - determines coordinates for the separating...
set_vector_layoutset_vector_layout - creates vector layout
set_widthset_width - calculates width (number of columns with circles)
tonetone - Function that plays two different sounds for AEs
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