Man pages for agrmt
Calculate Concentration and Dispersion in Ordered Rating Scales

agreementCalculate van der Eijk's measure of agreement A
agreementErrorSimulated coding error for agreement A
agrmt-packageCalculate Concentration and Dispersion in Ordered Rating...
ajusClassify distributions
ajusCheckSensitivity test for AJUS
ajusPlotPlot vector with AJUS type
BerryMielkeCalculate IOV
BlairLacyCalculate l
censorCensor helper function
collapseReduces a vector to a frequency vector
compareAgreementCompare agreement A with and without simulated coding error
compareValuesCompares two values
concentrationMeasures concentration
consensusCalculate Tastle and Wierman's measure of consensus
consensus.varianceApproximate variance of consensus
disperMeasures distance
dispersionMeasures dispersion
dsquaredCalculate d-squared
D.varianceApproximate variance of Leik's D
entropyCalculate Shannon entropy
expandExpands a frequency vector to a vector
isdClassify changes over time
KvalsethCalculate Kvalseth's COV
LeikCalculate ordinal dispersion
lsquaredCalculate l-squared
lsquared.varianceApproximate variance of Blair and Lacy's lsquared
l.varianceApproximate variance of Blair and Lacy's l
minnzNon-zero minimum
modesIdentify multiple modes
MRQCalculates MRQ polarization index
patternAgreementCalculates patterns agreement
patternVectorCreates pattern vector
polarizationCalculate polarization
ReardonReardon's entropy
reduceVectorRemove zeros and repeated values
sd.varianceApproximate variance of the categorical standard deviation
secondModesMost common and second most common values
truncatevectorTruncate helper function
var.varianceApproximate variance of the consensus (Cns) estimator
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