Man pages for aiRthermo
Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Visualization

adiabatic_ascentProperties of an air parcel after adiabatic ascent
aiRthermoConstantsThermodynamical Constansts
aiRthermo-packageAtmospheric Thermodynamics and Visualization
AnyAdiabaticDownAdiabatic Downwards Evolution
boltonTLCLFind the Temperature at the Lifting Condensation Level (LCL)
bruntVaisallaOmegaSquaredBrunt-Vaisalla (angular) frequency (squared)
C2KFrom Celsius to Kelvin degrees
CAPE_CINCalculation of CAPE and CIN
densityDryDensity of Dry Air
densityH2OvDensity of water vapour
densityMoistAirDensity of Moist Air
dewpointdepression2rhRelative Humidity from the dew point depression
e2wCompute Mixing Ratio from partial pressure of water vapour
equivalentPotentialTemperatureEquivalent Potential Temperature
export_constantsExport the constants
export_linesExport the lines for the thermodynamic diagram
find_lclCalculation of the Lifted Condensation Level (LCL)
fixedlinesData for plotting the lines of the thermodynamic (STUVE)...
gamma_saturatedSaturated Adiabat Gamma
K2CFrom Kelvin to Celsius degrees
KindexK Instability Index
latent_heat_H2OLatent heat of vaporization or sublimation of water
LIindexLifted index
moistAdiabaticLapseRateMoist Adiabatic Lapse Rate
moistCpMoist Cp
moistCvMoist cv value
parcelStateState of a parcel
PT2ThetaPotential Temperature from pressure and temperature
PTheta2TTemperature from pressure and potential temperature
PWVertically integrated water vapour column
q2ePartial Vapour Pressure
q2wWater vapour mixing Ratio to specific humidity
RadiosondeARadiosonde A
RadiosondeDRadiosonde D
RadiosondeDavenportRadiosonde Davenport
rh2shumSpecific Humidity from relative humidity
rh2wMixing Ratio from relative humidity
saturation_mixing_ratioSaturation Mixing Ratio
saturation_pressure_H2OSaturation Pressure
SindexShowalter Instability Index
stuve_diagramThermodynamic (STUVE) Diagram
TTdP2rhRelative Humidity from temperature, pressure and dew point...
TTheta2PPressure from temperature and potential temperature
TTindexTotal-Totals Instability Index
virtual_temperatureVirtual Temperature
w2qSpecific Humidity from mixing ratio
w2TdDew point temperature from mixing ratio
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