API for algorithmia
Allows you to Easily Interact with the Algorithmia Platform

Global functions
AlgorithmiaAcl Man page
AlgorithmiaAcl-class Man page
AlgorithmiaAlgorithm Man page
AlgorithmiaAlgorithm-class Man page
AlgorithmiaClient Man page
AlgorithmiaClient-class Man page
AlgorithmiaDataDirectory Man page
AlgorithmiaDataDirectory-class Man page
AlgorithmiaDataFile Man page
AlgorithmiaDataFile-class Man page
AlgorithmiaDirectoryIterator Man page
AlgorithmiaDirectoryIterator-class Man page
ReadAcl.MY_ALGORITHMS Man page
ReadAcl.PRIVATE Man page
ReadAcl.PUBLIC Man page
checkFor200StatusCode Source code
checkResponse Source code
getAcl Source code
getAlgorithm Source code
getAlgorithmUrl Source code
getAlgorithmiaApiAddress Source code
getAlgorithmiaClient Man page Source code
getChildPath Source code
getDataDirectory Source code
getDataFile Source code
getDataPath Source code
getDataUrl Source code
getIterator Source code
getResponse Source code
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