Man pages for alm
R Client for the Lagotto Altmetrics Platform

addmissingAdds elements in a list that are missing because they were...
alert_classesList the possible alert classes
alm_alertsRetrieve alerts data for article-level metrics (ALM).
alm_capwordsCapitalize the first letter of a character string.
almcompactRemove null elements in a list
alm_datepubGet the date when the article was published.
alm-defunctDefunct functions in alm
alm_eventsRetrieve PLoS article-level metrics (ALM) events.
alm_idsRetrieve PLoS article-level metrics (ALM).
alm-packageR client for the open source article level metrics Lagotto...
alm_plotPlot results of a call to the alm function.
alm_requestsRetrieve API requests data
alm_signpostsRetrieve PLOS article-level metrics signposts.
alm_sourcesRetrieve PLoS article-level metrics (ALM) by source.
alm_statusCheck status of an ALM service.
alm_titleGet title of article by inputting the doi for the article.
concat_todfConcatenate author names, if present, used in other...
getkeyFunction to get an API key.
plot_densityDensity and histogram plots from PLOS Article Level Metrics...
plot_signpostsPlot PLOS article-level metrics data.
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