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Animal Movement Tools

amt_fisherGPS tracks from four fishers
amt_fisher_covarEnvironmental data for fishers
amt-packageamt: Animal Movement Tools
append_x1Append "_x1"
as_sf_linesExport track to lines
as_sf_pointsExport track to points
as_trackCoerce to track
available_distrDisplay available distributions for step lengths and turn...
bboxGet bounding box of a track.
boot1Single bootstrap iteration
bootstrap_logrssBootstrap log-RSS estimate
centroidCalculate the centroid of a track.
check_factorsCheck factor levels
coercionCoerce a track to other formats.
convert_anglesConverts angles to radians
crsCoordinate References System (CRS)
cum_udCalculate a cumulative UD
deerRelocations of 1 red deer
dispersal_kernelCreate a dispersal kernel
dist_centDistance to center
distributionsFunctions to work with distributions as objects
distr_nameName of step-length distribution and turn-angle distribution
extract_covariatesExtract covariate values
filter_min_n_burstFilter bursts by number of relocations
fit_clogitFit a conditional logistic regression
fit_ctmmFit a continuous time movement model with 'ctmm'
fit_distrFit distribution to data
fit_logitFit logistic regression
from_toDuration of tracks
get_distrGet distribution and parameters
helperCoordinates of a track.
hrHome ranges
hr_kde_ref_scaledSelect a bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation
hr_overlap_featureCalculate the overlap between a home-range estimate and a...
hr_overlapsDifferent Methods to calculate home-range overlaps
hr_udObtain the utilization distribution of a probabilistic home...
inspectInspect a track
log_rssCalculate log-RSS for a fitted model
movement_metricsMovement metrics
odOccurrence Distribution
paramsGet parameters from a (fitted) distribution
plot.log_rssPlot a 'log_rss' object
plot_slPlot step-length distribution
random_pointsGenerate random points
random_stepsGenerate Random Steps
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_captureRemoves Capture Effects
shRelocations of 1 red deer
sh_forestForest cover
sim_udSimulate UD from fitted SSF
simulate_ud_from_dkSimulate a UD from a dispersal kernel
simulate_xySimulate a trajectory
site_fidelityTest for site fidelity of animal movement.
stepsFunctions to create and work with steps
summarize_sampling_rateReturns a summary of sampling rates
time_of_dayTime of the day when a fix was taken
trackCreate a track_*
track_alignSelects relocations that fit a new time series
track_methodsTrack Methods
track_resampleResample track
transform_coordsTransform CRS
update_distrUpdate movement distributions
update_distr_manManually update 'amt_distr'
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