analyz: Model Layer for Automatic Data Analysis via CSV File Interpretation

Class with methods to read and execute R commands described as steps in a CSV file.

AuthorRodrigo Buhler
Date of publication2015-02-17 19:44:35
MaintainerRodrigo Buhler <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Analyz-class Man page
Analyz.coerceType Man page
Analyz.coerceType,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.coerceType,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getNrColumns Man page
Analyz.getNrColumns,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getNrColumns,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getNrRows Man page
Analyz.getNrRows,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getNrRows,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getResult Man page
Analyz.getResult,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getResult,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getStepCommand Man page
Analyz.getStepCommand,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getStepCommand,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getStepParameters Man page
Analyz.getStepParameters,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getStepParameters,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getStepTitle Man page
Analyz.getStepTitle,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.getStepTitle,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.loadSteps Man page
Analyz.loadSteps,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.loadSteps,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.runAnalysis Man page
Analyz.runAnalysis,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.runAnalysis,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.setResult<- Man page
Analyz.setResult,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.setResult<-,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.setStepItems Man page
Analyz.setStepItems,Analyz,Analyz-method Man page
Analyz.setStepItems,Analyz-method Man page

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