Man pages for analyzer
Data Analysis and Automated R Notebook Generation

anderson.testAnderson Darling test
associationFind association between variables
CCassociationAssociation (Correlation) between Continuous (numeric)...
consoleBoxplotBoxplot on the console
CQassociationAssociation (Correlation) between Continuous-Categorical...
CxPlots for Continuous independent variables
CxCyPlots for Continuous independent and dependent variables
explainerGeneric explainer
explainer.characterExplain method for character data types details of the data frame
explainer.factorExplain method for factor data types
explainer.numericExplain method for numeric data types
freqTableFrequency table and Histogram
GenerateReportGenerate the report
linedividerDraws a horizontal line on console
mergeAnalyzerAnalyze data for merging
norm_test_funChecks for Normality Assumption
plot.analyzerPlotPlots a plot of class 'analyzerPlot'
plotNAMissing value visualization using ggplot2
plottrCreates plots for the variables in a data.frame
print.analyzerPlotMethod for print generic
QQassociationAssociation (Correlation) between Categorical Variables
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