API for anchoredDistr
Post-Processing for the Method of Anchored Distributions

Global functions
MADproject Man page
MADproject-class Man page
anchoredDistr Man page
anchoredDistr-package Man page
calcLikelihood Man page
calcLikelihood,MADproject,ANY-method Man page
calcLikelihood,MADproject,numeric-method Man page
calcPosterior Man page
calcPosterior,MADproject-method Man page
fit.coeffs Source code
npLike Source code
plotMAD Man page
plotMAD,MADproject,ANY-method Man page
plotMAD,MADproject,character-method Man page
print.MADproject Man page Source code
pumping Man page
readMAD Man page
readMAD,MADproject,numeric-method Man page
reduceData Man page
reduceData,MADproject,function,ANY-method Man page
reduceData,MADproject,function,function-method Man page
testConvergence Man page
testConvergence,MADproject,ANY-method Man page
testConvergence,MADproject,numeric-method Man page
tutorial Man page
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