Man pages for anim.plots
Simple Animated Plots for R

anim.barplotCreate an animated barplot.
anim.contourCreate an animated contour plot or perspective plot
anim.curveDraw an animated curve.
anim.histDraw an animated histogram.
anim.plotCreate an animated plot.
anim.plots-packageanim.plots: simple animated plots For R
anim.saveSave an anim.frames object in various formats.
anim.segmentsDraw an animation of line segments or arrows.
anim.smoothSmooth an 'anim.frames' object
citiesCities near the Grande Armee's march on Moscow
gm_dataGapminder GDP, life expectancy and population data
hurricanesWind speed data for hurricanes in 2009
merge.anim.framesMerge anim.frames objects
PGgameData from 20 rounds of a public goods game with punishment
replayReplay an 'anim.frames' object
tempsTemperatures for the Grande Armee's march on Moscow
troopsTroop numbers for the Grande Armee's march on Moscow
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