Man pages for animalEKF
Extended Kalman Filters for Animal Movement

animalEKF-packageExtended Kalman Filters for Animal Movement
bc_longlat_mapImage of Bolsa Chica for use with 'shark_vis_longlat'
bc_longlat_map_img_rasRaster image of Bolsa Chica for use with 'shark_vis_longlat'
cdlm_robotShiny app for 1D simulation of robot movement with CDLM.
cdlm_robot_twostateShiny app for simulation of 1D robot movement with CDLM and...
cdlm_robot_twostate2DShiny app for simulation of 2D robot movement with CDLM and...
EKF_1d_interp_jointExtended Kalman Filter (EKF) for 1-D movement with...
EKF_interp_jointExtended Kalman Filter (EKF) for joint shark movement with...
low_var_sampleSample particles using low-variance sampling.
make_segmentsPlot path connecting points on ggplot.
normalize_angleWrap angle measurements to the interval (-pi, pi).
rug_multicolorMulticolor rug of tick marks.
shark_data_longlatRaw shark data spline-interpolated to 90-second intervals
shark_data_rawOriginal shark data
shark_vis_longlatShiny app for visualizing observed shark movement.
sim_trajectory_jointSimulation and interpolation of trajectories.
spline_interpBezier spline interpolation of observations.
tess2spatConvert Voronoi tessellation tiles to a shapefile.
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