Man pages for anomalyDetection
Implementation of Augmented Network Log Anomaly Detection Procedures

anomalyDetectionanomalyDetection: An R package for implementing augmented...
bd_rowBreakdown for Mahalanobis Distance
factor_analysisFactor Analysis with Varimax Rotation
factor_analysis_resultsEasy Access to Factor Analysis Results
get_all_factorsFind All Factors
hmatPlot a Histogram Matrix
horns_curveHorn's Parallel Analysis
inspect_blockBlock Inspection
kaisers_indexKaiser's Index of Factorial Simplicity
mahalanobis_distanceMahalanobis Distance
mc_adjustMulti-Collinearity Adjustment
pipePipe functions
principal_componentsPrincipal Component Analysis
principal_components_resultEasy Access to Principal Component Analysis Results
security_logsSecurity Log Data
tabulate_state_vectorTabulate State Vector
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