Man pages for antaresEditObject
Edit an 'Antares' Simulation

activateRESActivate RES in an Antares study
adequacyOptionsAdequacy patch parameters for creating an area
antaresRead-reexportsRe-exports from antaresRead
backupStudyCreate a backup with an Antares Study
checkRemovedAreaSeek for a removed area
check-versionIs study an Antares v7 study ?
computeTimeStampFromHourlyCompute daily, weekly, monthly and annual mc-ind from hourly...
copyOutputCopy of the output files of an Antares study
createAreaCreate an area in an Antares study
create-binding-constraintCreate a binding constraint
create-clusterCreate a cluster
createDistrictCreate a district
createDSRCreate a Demand Side Response (DSR)
createLinkCreate a link between two areas
createPSPCreate a Pumped Storage Power plant (PSP)
create-studyCreate an empty Antares study
dicoGeneralSettingsCorrespondence between arguments of 'updateGeneralSettings'...
dicoOptimizationSettingsCorrespondence between arguments of...
editAreaEdit an area in an Antares study
editBindingConstraintUpdate an existing binding constraint
edit-clusterEdit an existing cluster
editLinkEdit a link between two areas
filteringOptionsOutput profile options for creating an area
getJobLogsRetrieve job log from API
getJobsRetrieve API jobs
mockSimulationAPIMock API usage
nodalOptimizationOptionsNodal optimization parameters for creating an area
playlistGet the playlist of an Antares study Antares API: *OK*
propertiesLinkOptionsProperties for creating a link
removeAreaRemove an area from an Antares study
removeBindingConstraintRemove a Binding Constraint
remove-clusterRemove a cluster
removeLinkRemove a link between two areas
runSimulationRun an Antares Simulation
runTsGeneratorRun Time-Series Generator
scenario-builderRead, create & update scenario builder
searchStudySearch study in AntaREST
setAPImodeSet API mode
setSolverPathSet path to Antares Solver
updateAdequacySettingsUpdate adequacy parameters of an Antares study
updateGeneralSettingsUpdate general parameters of an Antares study
updateInputSettingsUpdate input parameters of an Antares study
updateOptimizationSettingsUpdate optimization parameters of an Antares study
updateOutputSettingsUpdate output parameters of an Antares study
variantCreate a study's variant
variant-commandsGet API commands generated
writeEconomicOptionsWrite Economic Options
write-iniWrite configuration options in file or API
writeInputTSWrite input time series
writeMiscGenWrite Misc Gen data
writeOutputValuesWrite output value for Antares
writeSeriesPreproWrite prepro data
writeWaterValuesWrite water values
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