Man pages for antaresProcessing
'Antares' Results Processing

addCongestionLinkAdd the congestion frequency and the number of congested...
addDownwardMarginAdd downward margins of areas
addExportAndImportExport and import of areas or districts
addLoadFactorLinkLoad factors of link
addNetLoadNet load of areas
addProcessingH5Add process results of antaresProcessing to an ANTARES .h5...
addUpwardMarginAdd upward margin of areas
compareCompare two simulations or two antaresData
externalDependencyExternal Dependencies in imports and exports
getValuesGet values of a variable
loadFactorLoad factors of clusters
mergeAllAntaresDataMerge all antaresDataSets
modulationCompute the modulation of cluster units
netLoadRampRamp of an area
surplusCompute economic surplus
surplusClustersCompute the surplus of clusters
surplusSectorsCompute the surplus of sectors
synthesizeSynthesize Monte-Carlo scenarios
thermalGroupCapacitiescompute thermal capacities from study
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